Fighting acne? Cor's the best gift you can give!

"My daughter has struggled off and on with acne breakouts. This fall she was nervous enough heading off to college without having to worry about pimples. We have tried Proactiv and some other acne treatments but they weren't very effective and also made her face feel dry and sometimes itchy. Before she left for school we tried Cor soap and it is GREAT. Cor clears up my daughter's complexion very fast – we could see a difference already the next day. And it is easier to use and makes her skin feel smooth and good instead of dried out."

– Nancy W., New Hampshire


Cor customers have told this story again and again – they say Cor Silver Soap helps them clean and clear skin blemishes including pimples and blackheads.

Cor's patented Silver-Silica compound brings our natural ingredients deep into the skin, cleaning and hydrating. Our pH is close to that of normal skin (around 7). No harsh medicines, no bleaching chemicals like benzoyl peroxide – no wonder Cor is better.

Give your loved ones the peace of mind that comes with clear, healthy skin.

Try Cor's trial-size facial cleansing bar - you'll love the results! - or buy our Signature Size bar for best value.


More customer stories about Cor and acne:

"I started using COR in 2008 in desperation for a solution to hormonal acne and tone unevenness that has plagued me all my adult life. I've used Principal Secret, Acne-Statin, Proactive and a host of other, less common solutions. The products are all great at first, but after the better part of a year it would seem as though my skin had somehow "adjusted" to the product and those hormonal breakouts would haunt me once more. I found out about COR and its "silver service for the face" through a high-end spa catalog. I no longer have any kind of large breakouts...My skin is smoother, more even in tone and my pores are delightfully small now. I look considerably younger. I highly recommend you try this."

- From 5-star Amazon review by Noelle Hughes


"It is absolutely amazing. I have moderate acne, enough to bother me on a daily basis and require make-up. After one week of using this soap, my skin looked fabulously clear. It's all-natural and its close-to-neutral pH is great for my super-sensitive skin and it's not drying like typical acne products (I've used ProActiv--this is so many times better)."

- From 5-star Amazon review by J Carroll


"I started using Cor soap about a year and a half ago after trying all different varities of acne fighting soaps, none of which worked. This soap has cleared up all acne problems...when I considered the cost of various acne products which I was having to regularly buy, it turned out that this is less or equally as expensive as those products."

- From 5-star Amazon review by Jeremy



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