How to clean your face

Cleaning your face shouldn't be a chore. Follow these simple directions for a few minutes twice a day, morning and evening. Give yourself the confidence of looking and feeling your best.


Rinse with warm water.

Warm water opens your pores, making them easier to clean. Clogged pores result in pimples and other blemishes. So washing your face with warm water not only feels good, but also helps keep your complexion clear. Don't use cold water – that closes up your pores and makes them harder to clean thoroughly. Don't use hot water – hot water can dry out your skin afterwards.


Choose a soap, face wash or cleansing product that is kind to your skin.


Look for a product with:

  • natural ingredients.
  • a pH close to your skin's natural, neutral pH, which is around 7.
  • antioxidants such as Vitamin E. These help fight the effects of aging.

Our favorite (of course!) is our COR Silver Soap. It's formulated to be perfect for the delicate skin on your face.


Definitely do NOT choose soap or cleansers with alcohol or other harsh astringents. These may remove dirt or germs at the moment, but they can also strip away your skin's natural, healthy oils.


Gently rub your face with your fingertips.

Be gentle! Harsh scrubbing is out. The skin on your face is more delicate than on most of your body. Scrubbing your skin irritates it, says The American Association of Dermatologists. This goes double if you have acne or other skin conditions, because the skin is already stressed and scrubbing can result in scars. A gentle, circular motion works beautifully.


Rinse thoroughly.

Again, warm water, fingertips, and gentle circular motion.


Pat dry with a clean towel.

Patting is kinder to your skin. Cor Silver soap makes face skin cleaner and healthier with just a few minutes each day– try our simple Cor Beauty Regime. 

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