Why does skin want to be hydrated or moisturized?

When your skin is dry, it becomes more brittle. That makes it less resilient and easier to damage.


Think of a tree's leaves in spring – they are fresh, flexible, and resilient. You can curl up a leaf and when you release it, it simply returns to its original shape. No permanent damage done.


Then in the fall the leaves become dry and inflexible, easy to crackle and break.


Hydration – moisture – protects your skin from damage including wrinkles.

If you want hydrated skin, it's important to keep your whole body hydrated. Hydration has to start from the inside. (Think about it – dropping a dry leaf into a cup of water doesn't turn it back into a fresh green leaf.) So drink your six to seven glasses of water every day, just like the doctor says! You really will see the difference in healthier skin.


Then moisturizing products can provide additional hydration and protection. Our Science of Cor page explains how Cor Silver Soap's ingredients work to revitalize, moisturize and protect the delicate skin of your face.



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