What's my skin's pH?

What is your skin's pH?

The skin of your face has a pH of around 7.

Remember that pH is a measure of how acid or alkaline something is. The scale goes from zero (extremely acidic) to 14 (extremely basic).

As you'd guess, a score of 7 is neutral. Water has a pH of 7. So does milk.

Lemon juice is around 2 – acidic. Very alkaline or basic substances (the opposite of acidic) include ammonia, lye, and sodium hydroxide.

And as you'd also guess, these are not things you want on your face. Substances at either end of the scale are highly reactive, meaning they tend to have a chemical reaction with anything else they come in contact with.

Cor Silver Soap has a pH around 7. Yes, we did that on purpose. We love your face.

If you are curious about one of our ingredients, hyaluronic acid – this is a very safe substance that is made naturally by the human body. It helps your body grow new cells, and is fantastic at retaining moisture.

Here's a slightly more detailed explanation of pH, and here is a short list of pH ratings of common substances.

(Back-to-school moment: The H in pH stands for Hydrogen, and pH is a measurement of the activity or concentration of hydronium ions. Now you know.)

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