What do bloggers and reviewers say about COR Silver Soap?

Of course COR soap is awesome – but don't take our word for it!

Here are some thoughts from bloggers who've tried our face-cleansing bar and found it works wonders on a variety of skin types:


Erica Hearts Makeup

"I hate to call anything a miracle product, but this is pretty darn awesome.  I would definitely recommend Cor Silver Soap if you are in search of a good, well-rounded, one-step product."


The Amazing Blog

"What better than a multitasking soap which can cleanse, tone, relieve acne, reduce oil buildup, remove makeup and prevent signs of ageing… The Amazing Blog girls have found the Cor Silver Soap to do it all, meaning there is no need to spend money on an abundance of different skincare products this year."


Storybook Apothecary

"This is likely the best facial cleansing bar I’ve ever tried… I highly recommend this to anyone suffering from acne, especially if your complexion is really oily or just really imbalanced, going from dry to oily."


Gin and Iniquity (note – technically the blog is called Gin Blossoms – but we love this phrase!)

"I think even the travel size would last for absolutely ages, making what seems like an expensive ‘soap’ actually quite an economical cleanser and face mask all in one."



"The magic happens as you work this cleanser over your skin. It will remove makeup, eliminating the need of a separate facial makeup remover, saving time and money…  For me, it has evened out my skin tone by near ridding my cheeks of rosacea and after 3 weeks I am starting to see a reduction in the appearance of my sun damage."




THANK YOU to all these fabulous bloggers for taking the time to check out COR and share their results with the world!

You can find lots more COR reviews, testimonials and comments from individuals and press on our Testimonials page.

COR works!


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