Glowing Holiday Makeup with Belle Nu Skin Co-Founder, Carolina Teon


The festivities and holiday parties have officially begun so we decided to it was the perfect time to demonstrate our Go-To Holiday Makeup look.

At belle nu skin, we strongly believe that taking care of your skin is essential in order for your skin to look young and radiant. We also believe that your makeup always looks its best when you have been taking care of your skin and properly prepping it before application.

In our opinion, the best way to achieve a glowing makeup look is to use a good moisturizer and lately, we've been loving the Cor Silver Anytime moisturizer.

1. First Things First: Bare it All

Washing your face before anything else is vitally important — we all know having a bare and clean face before applying makeup will allow you to have a much more impeccable and smooth result.

2. Most Important Step: Moisturizer

Hydrate Your Skin

We believe that in order for your skin to look radiant and nourished, you must use a great moisturizer that will allow your makeup to look fresh. 

Our current favorite Moisturizer is The Silver Anytime Moisturizer by Cor Silver. This is magic in a tube and I absolutely love that not only does it quickly absorb onto your skin and locks  in the moisture but is also lightweight so it's perfect to use before applying your makeup. The best way to get optimal absorption of your moisturizer is by applying your moisturizer while your skin is still damp.

3. Lock in the Moisture with a Primer

In today’s modern times, there are a ton of primers out there and you should find a primer that will not only last long but will also help to smooth your makeup as you apply it.

In my particular case, I use the Cor Silver Anytime Moisturizer as a primer as well just because it really locks into your skin providing moisture and it holds on your makeup throughout the whole day and night.

REMEMBER: “Not to Prime is a Crime!”

4. Conceal

I always like to conceal my under-eyes and blemishes with a full cover concealer. The one I can always count on covering well and staying on for hours is the Full Cover Concealer by Makeup Forever or sometimes I will use the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer.

5. Foundation

I’ve tried many foundations and at last I have found the ONE! The foundation I swear by for special events, especially during the holidays, is the Luminous Silk Foundation by Armani. For those of you that have not tried MUST. It’s truly amazing and covers your skin with a silky finish.

6. Eyes

My go-to look for holiday dinner and parties is always a very bronzed gold look. I love the Naked Smoky Palette by Urban Decay because of its beautiful shades. Another eye shadow palette I use on a daily basis and, of course, during this time is the BH Cosmetics by Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition, which has illuminating shades such as copper, rose gold and gold.


7. Accentuate your Facial Structure with Bronzer & Highlighter

Bronzer is always my best friend during this time of the year to add on some bronzy and golden shades to my face. My favorite bronzer is the Bronze Goddess Powder by Estee Lauder and I absolutely love the Urban Decay Highlighter that works as a Bronzer as well. Another highlighter that I love to use below my eyebrows and on the top of my cheekbones is the Nude Air highlighter in Rose Gold by Dior Skin. This adds a flawless shimmering reflection which gives you a glowing touch.

8. Eye Brows

The best way to frame your face is by using a natural eye brow powder to give your eye brows a solid shape. I love the Beauty Express for Eye Brows and Face by Anastasia Beverly Hills, which is easy to use and even has a brush and a rose gold highlighter shade to use as well.

9. Finishing Touches: Red Lips

My staple during the Holiday Season is the Rouge Allure Lipstick by Chanel in N. 98 simply because it is classy and a very festive color which tends to look great on many skin tones.

Once again, the main key to getting a radiant result all begins with a great moisturizer or primer, like the Silver Anytime Moisturizer by Cor Silver.

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