Guest Blog: Idalia Ceballos

Belle Nu Skin is a skincare blog founded by Idalia, Pamela and Carolina, 3 skin care enthusiasts. Together these 3 girls, of diverse ages, skin types and careers, teamed up to create content focusing on products, treatments, and lifestyle choices that contribute to better skin every day.

Here is Idalia’s story, and how Cor Silver has helped her combat signs of aging.

1. Intro (Age, career, skin type, and skin issue you deal with)

My name is Idalia, I am 48 years young. I have been an entrepreneur my whole life. Given the demands of my career I have always taken pride in my self-care. In doing so, I have always looked for the best high quality skincare products focused towards anti-aging and that fit my lifestyle. I travel over 6 months out of the year and I am constantly exposed to different environments, temperatures and the dry air from airplanes. My biggest skincare focus is to maintain my skin moisturized in order to prevent wrinkles.

2. How long have you used Cor Silver products?

I discovered Cor Silver over 6 years ago on a trip to London. I was shopping at Harrods to find the new and best foreign skincare products to bring back to California to use in my daily skincare routine. I was so impressed by the natural ingredients and multiple skin benefits of the Cor Silver soap that it immediately became a staple in my skincare routine. To this day the Cor Silver soap is the only cleanser I use and it is the best to travel with.


3. How do you incorporate Cor Silver into your everyday routine?


I use Cor Silver to cleanse my skin every morning and every night. In the evening I use the soap with my Clarisonic to get all of my makeup off. On some occasions I like to leave the foam of the soap on for 10 minutes as a facemask.

4. What is the biggest change you have seen in your skin from using Cor Silver?

Since using Cor Silver I have noticed my pores minimize in size and my skin does not feel dry after I use it, which would typically occur with other cleansers I had used in the past.

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