Guest Blog: Idalia's Holiday Makeup Look

We invited long-time Cor customer and Belle Nu Skin cofounder, Idalia Ceballos to share one of her favorite holiday makeup looks. Read to learn how prepping her skin with Cor gives her the perfect foundation to apply her makeup. 

When trying to obtain flawless makeup application the most important element to focus on is good, healthy skin. It does not matter what foundation you are using. Whether you use high end foundation or a drug store foundation, the texture and feel of your makeup will only look as good as the skin underneath it. That is why before investing in more expensive makeup, invest in better quality skincare and prioritize in taking care of your skin above all other things.

Now that I am in my late 40’s, my goal with my makeup look is to even out my skin tone without having concealer or foundation set into any creases or lines on my face. In order to achieve this flawless finish my skin needs to be perfectly cleansed, plumped and moisturized. I start by cleansing my skin with the Silver Soap cleanser. Sometimes I couple this with a cleansing tool like the Clarasonic if I want to add some extra exfoliation. The Silver Soap leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh and unlike many other soaps, it never dries out my skin. After every use I always see immediate results in the texture of my skin. Immediately after cleansing, I use the Anytime Moisturizer. The Anytime Moisturizer will hydrate my skin without leaving it oily or too dewy. It helps plump up lines to make them less noticeable and brightens the tone of my skin. Afterwards I apply concealer and foundation as usual.


Since using these two products together people have continued to ask me what makeup I’ve been using. I always tell them it is not the makeup that’s new, it is the skincare products I’ve been using.

This duo here is exactly what you need to achieve that makeup flawless finish that you see on Instagram minus the filters and editing.

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