Guest Blog: Pamela Dabdoub

Guest Blog: Pamela Dabdoub

Belle Nu Skin is a skincare blog founded by Idalia, Pamela and Carolina; 3 skin care enthusiasts. Together these 3 girls, of diverse ages, skin types and careers, teamed up to create content focusing on products, treatments, and lifestyle choices that contribute to better skin every day. 

Here is Pamela’s story, and how Cor Silver has improved her rosacea and has helped with premature aging. 

1. Intro (Age, career, skin type, and skin issue you deal with)

My name is Pamela and I am 25 years old. I am a recent law school graduate working a corporate job. For as long as I can remember I have always had sensitive skin. I was always prone to redness and when I was a teenager I was diagnosed with rosacea which meant I had a new list of no-no’s when it came to my diet and skincare regimen. Any fragrances, alcohol or harsh chemicals made my skin irritated and in some cases made me break out into a rash. My biggest skin concern of the moment is maintaining my skin looking fresh and plump. I have noticed that in transitioning from a graduate student to a young professional the look of stress wears heavy on my skin. I have been my busiest in the last couple of years and I am always willing to try any product that will make me look like I have slept 10 hours when I barely get 5 hours of sleep some days.


2. How long have you used Cor Silver products?

My mother recommended the Cor Silver soap after many years of trying different products that continually irritated my skin. I have been using the soap for over 3 years now and I can easily say that it is the only cleanser that does not dry out my skin.


3. How do you incorporate Cor Silver into your everyday routine?

I use the Cor Silver soap every night to cleanse my skin and melt away any makeup and residue. I couple it with the Clarisonic in order for my skin to be as clean as possible before starting my nightly skincare routine. I am also obsessed with the packaging. I travel so much for work that I feel like I live out of a suitcase. I am also a crazy germaphobe and am very careful to never contaminate my products or skin with my dirty hands. I love the packaging of the Cor Silver soap which protects the soap from any contamination. So simple, yet so practical. Everything a girl on the go needs.


4. What is the biggest change you have seen in your skin from using Cor Silver?

Since using Cor Silver my skin irritation from my rosacea has incredibly improved. My skin is no longer exposed to the harsh chemicals found in traditional cleansers and to make it even better the Cor Silver soap is actually a hydrating soap, which is not easy to find. The redness of my skin has calmed down and the texture and feel of my skin continually gets better. At this point it would be hard for me not to rely on the Cor Silver soap as my go to daily cleanser.


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