How I Combat Stress as a Female Entrepreneur

Even us kiwis feel stress sometimes.

I grew up in New Zealand, which is sometimes referred to as the most annoyingly chill country in the world, where the people have truly found the right balance between work and play.

But as an entrepreneur who has made the USA her home, I am definitely not immune to the challenges of stress: it’s tricky building a company while still wanting to be the best sister, aunty, friend, girlfriend to those I love, while still wanting to have a full social life, while still wanting to have time for exploration of the world, while still wanting time to myself for hiking, while still wanting time for personal growth and learning, while still having time to cook and create baked delicacies, while still wanting time to see lots of live music ... and all of those other things that feed my soul and make me, well, me!

Sure, there seems to be a National Day for almost every subject you can think of (hello, National Donut Day!), but today is National Stress Awareness Day and that seems particularly relevant and important in today’s world. Perhaps it’s time for a different perspective. Perhaps it’s time that we started shifting our values. Perhaps it’s time for a different routine to life. 

One of the things that helps me when I am stuck in overwhelm – and yes, I know I am sounding like a cliché – is meditation. I resisted doing it for years. I was inconsistent. I would do it for a few weeks at a time and then quit. But now, I do it as routinely as brushing my teeth, and it makes a difference. I can’t explain it, but the days I start off meditating just flow better than when I don’t.

Another thing that helps me is giving up on my old perfectionist tendencies. For example, while I aim for twenty minutes of meditation, I often just make it to ten. That’s ok. Ten is better than zero. Or, I just participated in this silly bake-off with one of my good friends … we did it in the style of The Great British Baking Show and had three judges, two hosts and an audience of eight other friends all heckling. I had no time to truly prepare leading up to it as I was working around the clock and traveling a ton. No worries! I just showed up with a mindset of fun and did my best … spoiler alert: I lost. She deserved the win. But gosh, we laughed so much that day. It was great. 

And then of course, there is my skincare routine. I jokingly refer to Cor as the “lazy person’s skincare”. Before I started Cor, as I was researching products to tackle some particularly stubborn adult, hormonal acne I realized we could all do with multi-tasking skincare products, instead having to use one product for this, one product for that, another product for a certain time of day and so on. Who has time for that? I needed something that worked extremely well in tackling my problems, but that I could use quickly in the shower in the morning before running out the door, and quickly at the end of the day to take off my makeup, and so Cor was born. As a 4-in-1 product (cleanses, exfoliates, tones and hydrates), The Silver Soap can save you a ton of time in your busy day while still giving you that luminous glow that we are known for. Foam…Rinse…Glow®

So, to ensure that you have one less thing to worry about on this National Stress Awareness Day, I’d like to offer you a 20% discount storewide. Use the promo code "STRESSFREE" at checkout.

And as we say in New Zealand, no worries mate!

Jennifer McKinley

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