Maskne – Acne caused by wearing masks

Maskne – Acne caused by wearing masks

It’s not just a cute hashtag. It is a real thing and for those who already have acne issues, it just exacerbates it.

Creating Cor Silver has always been a labor of love for me. I wanted to create a super unfussy skincare line that works on the toughest of skin problems, including acne. That was 13 years ago. Who knew way back then one of the toughest skin problems we would all have to deal with was the chafing and bacterial issues caused by wearing masks.

You’ve seen the hashtags about maskne – acne caused by wearing masks – and while it is a new condition many of us are dealing with for the first time in our lives, it certainly isn’t new to many in the healthcare profession who wear masks regularly in their line of work.

It’s not just a cute hashtag. It is a real thing and for those who already have acne issues, it just exacerbates it.

Why? Because bacterial flora, yeast and even little skin mites that live on our skin that we are not aware of love warm, humid environments. Ewwww, you say! What happens when we wear a mask? We trap hot, humid air. Not only that, but also the mask causes friction against the skin.

It only makes sense then that any skin conditions – including acne and rosacea – are made worse by our constant wearing of masks. There is also a condition called perioral dermatitis that can flare up when you wear your mask.

Now, while wearing masks might be annoying, they are also the first line of defence in stopping the spread of Covid.

So, what can you do to tackle your skin issues while still protecting yourself and those around you when you wear your mask?

Wash your mask often. The washing will actually soften the mask and so make it a little more comfortable. Importantly too, the washing will kill bacteria. 

Wash your skin often.
It will keep your skin calm, and with the silver in Cor Silver Soap you will be keeping the bacteria at bay as silver blocks the transfer of oxygen through the bacterial cell walls, thereby suffocating it. The soothing ingredients in The Silver Soap – aloe, jojoba, sericin – will also help to calm the skin.

Use a lightweight moisturizer.
It may seem a little counter-intuitive to want to layer on product under the mask. But in doing so, you are going to create a barrier between the mask and the skin. The sericin in The Silver Soap already creates a barrier and The Silver Anytime Moisturizer is deeply hydrating yet also very lightweight.

But don’t take our word for it.

Dana A., an emergency worker in California, wrote to us to tell us:

“Wanted to let you know that your moisturizer is a god send. Each day after I get out of the Emergency Ops Center, my chin and cheeks are raw from wearing the mask all day. First thing I do when I get home is wash my hands then wash my face with Cor Silver Soap and put on my Cor moisturizer. So luxurious! Thank you”. 

And from another customer who suffers from rosacea:

“Dear Cor Silver Soap, I have had rosacea for 18 years. I followed my dermatologists’ instructions to the letter, but found little relief from the red splotches and acne-like appearance of rosacea. The condition of my skin had me depressed and was eroding my self-confidence. I needed a miracle. I tried Cor Silver Soap and saw an improvement after two days. TWO DAYS!!! My dermatologist asked what I had done to become a poster child for rosacea. My answer was Cor Silver Soap. Your product is, for me at least, a true miracle. I thank you for it twice every day.” 

So stay safe everyone.

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