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The Beautiful Skin Blog — age spots

Healthy skin tip #3: Shield from the sun!

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Sunshine is awesome – it lightens the mood and (in moderation) helps your body produce vitamin D.

But as with almost any good thing, you can get too much sunshine. And that's not good for your skin.

UV rays from the sun are a form of radiation. Sunburn is thing that should give us a clear sign our skin doesn't handle overexposure very well. But smaller amounts of UV exposure over the long-term also add up. UV radiation weakens the skin's immune system, which can contribute to the development of melanoma and other types of skin cancer.

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Fresh, healthy skin tip #1

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Here's an oh-so-simple tip to help you put your best face forward: Make cleaning your face a separate process from your shower or bath. You will use different soap or cleaning products in the shower, and the skin on your face is more sensitive and delicate than on most of your body. See "How to clean your face" for our simple step-by-step guide to caring for your skin. Got another tip for clean and healthy skin? Send us a note! 

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