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How to use Cor soap and serums

beauty core soap effective face soap facial lotions how to clean your face skincare

In this short video I explain how to use Cor's products – so very quick and simple, just a few minutes each day.     Yes that's my Kiwi accent, front and center! New Zealand's sunny beaches played a role in my early interest in skincare - see the story of Cor....  

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A great resource: the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database

acne cosmetics effective health healthy skin hypoallergenic noncomedogenic skincare for men

You know the drill – you're standing at the makeup counter, buying online, considering a purchase wherever – and you find some really mysterious gibberish on the label. "What the heck is Pentaerythrityl Tetra-di-t-butyl Hydroxyhydrocinnamate?" you ask yourself. "Is that something I really want to put on my skin?" Great question. And here's a wonderful resource for finding your answer: The Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep database. Here you'll find what it is, products that use it, and how safe it is on a scale of 1 to 10, based on published scientific studies. The database offers good details about any...

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Why does skin want to be hydrated or moisturized?

beauty best you confidence effective healthy skin how to clean your face moisturize your skin self-care skincare

When your skin is dry, it becomes more brittle. That makes it less resilient and easier to damage.   Think of a tree's leaves in spring – they are fresh, flexible, and resilient. You can curl up a leaf and when you release it, it simply returns to its original shape. No permanent damage done.   Then in the fall the leaves become dry and inflexible, easy to crackle and break.   Hydration – moisture – protects your skin from damage including wrinkles. If you want hydrated skin, it's important to keep your whole body hydrated. Hydration has to start from...

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How often should I wash my face?

beauty confidence core soap effective face soap healthy skin how to clean your face self-care skincare

How often should I wash my face? Twice a day will do the trick. Once in the morning and once at the end of the day.   The key is to use a soap or face wash that's gentle on your skin. Harsh chemicals and regular body-bar soap will dry out your face, and that's not healthy. Your skin naturally produces some oil; you only want to wash away *excessive* oil, dirt and germs.   Dermatologists say it's good to wash or rinse one additional time after exercising or otherwise sweating.   See our post "How should I clean my face?" for...

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Beautiful quote: "If you're feeling good…"

beauty confidence effective goals healthy skin kindness love quote self-care values

"If you're happy, if you're feeling good, then nothing else matters."   - Robin Wright   Robin Wright is an American actress born in 1966.   We love this quote – it's about beauty coming from the inside. Taking care of yourself and others is a way of surrounding yourself with happiness.

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