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The Beautiful Skin Blog — how to clean your face

Ingredient #2: Why did we choose our particular mix of ingredients in The Silver Soap®?

blemishes core soap face soap how to clean your face sericin skincare sun damage sunspots T zone winter skin wrinkles

Ingredient #2: Why did we choose our particular mix of ingredients in The Silver Soap®?

Over summer, we shared more detailed information on one of our key ingredients Chitosan. With the mugginess of summer giving way to the bone dry air of fall and winter, we thought we would tackle Sericin today. It is truly one of the ingredients we were most excited about while formulating our Silver Soap. Why? Let’s get into it. #2 Sericin – the natural skin toner Growing up in New Zealand in an age when it was common to spend all day in the sun at the beach slathered in baby oil, I had horrible sun damage. I’m very fair-skinned and...

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How to use Cor soap and serums

beauty core soap effective face soap facial lotions how to clean your face skincare

In this short video I explain how to use Cor's products – so very quick and simple, just a few minutes each day.     Yes that's my Kiwi accent, front and center! New Zealand's sunny beaches played a role in my early interest in skincare - see the story of Cor....  

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Bad skincare advice: 4 ridiculous ideas that DON'T work

blemishes how to clean your face skincare sunburn tips

Taking care of your skin is so important.

The products you choose matter, of course, but so do your diet, your sleep habits, and so on. We've passed along some great, simple skincare tips and we keep adding to our list.

BUT … scouring the web, we've stumbled across a few recommendations that struck us as … let's say 'strange'. At best.

So we collected a few and ran them by Dr. Louise Hidinger.

Dr. Hidinger (check out her twitter and blog) has a PhD in biological chemistry and a certification in cosmetic science. She previously told us about why old makeup becomes risky makeup – and now, in this article we pass along her reactions to weird bits of skincare advice you might find on the web.


#1  My face isn't a BLT sandwich, thanks

The ridiculous idea: If you get sunburned, put a fresh tomato slice on your face.

What's going on here? Tomatoes have antioxidants, okay, but a fresh slice curing sunburn?

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Healthy skin tip #8: Take cooler showers

healthy skin how to clean your face moisturize your skin tips

Who doesn't love a long, luxurious, relaxing hot shower? Surprise - your face doesn't! Long, hot showers strip your skin of its protective oils. That makes your skin start to dry out! It's true – standing in hot water too long is drying, not hydrating. And when your skin is dry, it's more easily damaged. As usual, WebMD (we love WebMD) references a medical doctor on this issue – Dr. Andrea Lynn Cambo – advising short warm showers or baths, not longer than 5 to 10 minutes.   photo credit    We suggest making face-washing separate from your shower time, giving your...

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What is microdermabrasion?

exfoliation healthy skin how to clean your face microdermabrasion skincare

You can think of microdermabrasion as exfoliation on steroids. Well, not literally. It doesn't involve steroids. It's just a more aggressive way than exfoliation for remove dead skin.   Microdermabrasion involves using rough grains or crystals to (aggressively) remove not only the normal layer of dead skin cells, but sometimes also scars and wrinkles. The crystals are sprayed onto your skin as a thin film, and then removed via pressurized air – in other words, essentially vacuumed up, along with the dead skin. This type of treatment has been referred to as an "instant facelift" that is intended to be...

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