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The Beautiful Skin Blog — how to clean your face

What is exfoliation? And how do I exfoliate my facial skin?

exfoliation face soap healthy skin how to clean your face

Exfoliation means removing dead skin cells from the surface. This reveals the younger, healthier cells underneath.

Here's how your skin works. Your body makes new skin cells at its lower level, which is called the dermis. The new gradually push upwards toward the upper level, the epidermis. The older cells on the surface gradually die. Eventually they fall (or 'slough', pronounced like 'sluff') off, making way for the newer, fresher skin cells underneath....

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Prom season!

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It's almost here – Prom time! Prom is an awesome time for making memories. You definitely want to "put your best face forward" with a healthy glow and clean complexion. COR can help get your skin camera-ready. Our natural ingredients and patented formula clean and moisturize your face, and fight bacterial without stripping or drying the skin like harsh chemical treatments. Here are more great tips for looking your absolute best at your Prom. Great news: Our new Trial Size three-pack makes a great pre-Prom gift for yourself and two friends, at 15% off of regular price. Each convenient bar...

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Healthy skin tip #6 : Wash your pillowcase and sheets!

beauty rest blemishes healthy skin how to clean your face self-care sleep

Doesn't this tip just make you want to say "Duh! Why didn't I think of that already?" If you get as much sleep as you need, you're spending at least seven hours each night with your face on that pillow. And even if you wash your face before going to bed (and you should – gently, always gently!) your pillowcase will slowly pick up oil, sweat, bacteria and dead cells from your skin, as well as dirt and dust and maybe allergens from the air. Sleep clean! Change your pillowcase for a clean one every two to three days. You...

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What does "noncomedogenic" mean, and is it important?

acne beauty blemishes cosmetics face soap healthy skin how to clean your face labeling noncomedogenic pimples self-care skincare skincare for men

You'll see the word noncomedogenic on lots of makeup and skincare product labels these days. What does it mean? Noncomedogenic refers to products that don't tend to block the pores of your skin. A 'comedo' is a type of blemish resulting from a blocked pore – according to the American Academy of Dermatologists, a comedo is a very mild form of acne. So that's how we get to the word 'noncomedogenic'. So far, so simple, right? What's not so simple is that the use of this term is not regulated by the Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA) or anyone else...

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Healthy skin tip #2: Get some sleep!

beauty beauty rest healthy skin how to clean your face moisturize your skin

                        We've all heard the expression about "getting your beauty rest" – well, it's true! Getting the right amount of sleep can make a huge difference in keeping your skin (along with the rest of you) healthy When you sleep, your body spends more of its energy on replenishing skin cells and producing important things like human growth hormone and collagen. This is why babies and teenagers sleep so much – their bodies are busy growing. But long after the teen years, we all still need good healthy sleep!...

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