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Healthy skin tip #10: Don't rub your eyes!

Your facial skin is sensitive. That goes double for the skin around your eyes.

Too much rubbing of this skin causes wear and tear! Stop rubbing or scratching around your eyes, look better.


Sounds so simple, right?

But okay, why do we rub our eyes in the first place?!

  1. You're tired. We think you know the solution to this one – get consistent sleep!
  2. You're stressed. Different people find different solutions to stress and worry. We like yoga. Find the approach that works for you – it's important to manage your stress.
  3. You're allergic. Often we think of allergies causing nasal problems, but you can have specific eye allergies that might not affect your sinuses. If itchy eyes are a big problem for you, ask your doctor about testing for allergies.

Stay on top of these three issues and you'll help not only your skin but your overall health as well!


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9 awesome skincare tips in one easy place

Hello! We've had such a blast sharing great tips for taking care of your skin.

So much fun, in fact, we decided to round them all up in one place. Easy to find, easy to read, great for making your skin healthier and happier.

So here it is:

Facial care made simple: 9 great skincare tips

Healthy skin isn't magic! A little common sense (eat right, sleep well), a little information (hot showers dry you out), and maybe a few ideas that you didn't think of before (your cell phone is dirty! Clean it!) - mix it up and take care to put your best face forward.

Healthy skin tip #6 : Wash your pillowcase and sheets!

Doesn't this tip just make you want to say "Duh! Why didn't I think of that already?"

If you get as much sleep as you need, you're spending at least seven hours each night with your face on that pillow. And even if you wash your face before going to bed (and you should – gently, always gently!) your pillowcase will slowly pick up oil, sweat, bacteria and dead cells from your skin, as well as dirt and dust and maybe allergens from the air.

Sleep clean! Change your pillowcase for a clean one every two to three days.

You can get a silk pillowcase on sale on Amazon for about $10. If you owe yourself a present, splurge and buy a few. Silk and satin are gentle fabrics for your skin.

In addition to being comfy to sleep on.


Beautiful quote: "Smile because it happened…"

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”

― Dr. Seuss


Theodore Seuss Geisel, AKA Dr. Seuss, was born in 1904 in Springfield, Mass.

Wait, did we just quote Dr. Seuss for our beautiful skin blog? Indeed we did. Profound thoughts in simple language.

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Healthy skin tip #4: Manage your stress


Stress is not your friend! We all know it – but how does it specifically affect your skin and face?

Stress causes your body to release larger amounts of certain chemicals, including cortisol, adrenaline and DHEA (which is made by your adrenal glands, and which your body then converts into estrogen or testosterone).

These substances are not inherently bad – you'll even find DHEA sometimes called "the youth hormone." However! As with many natural body processes, too much is not a good thing. Elevated levels have some negative effects. For example, your immune system and anti-inflammatory abilities are both lowered by high levels of cortisol. These chemicals can also kick your sebaceous glands into high gear – resulting in overly oily skin.


So how do you manage stress?

Personally, we like yoga. (Here are some folks we follow on Twitter for that reason.)

But there are many known ways to help lower your stress level. And they're all good!

- Moderate, consistent exercise helps manage hormone levels (and obviously your overall health!)
- Getting enough sleep is extremely valuable
- Eating healthy food and avoiding too much sugar, caffeine and fatty foods – those "guilty pleasures" are short-term fun but long-term leave us feeling worse
- Meditation and other forms of peaceful relaxation help your mind govern your body
- Maintain relationships: Quality "face time" really does show on your face!


See earlier tips on reducing sun exposure and showers-versus-facewashing time.

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Photo: Petr Kratochvil