Wearing stress on your face

Wearing stress on your face

It’s often said that we wear our emotions on our face. If you have ever wondered if that is true, just have a look at the faces of presidents as they come into office versus when they leave!
Over the last 18 months, it is not just presidents but also us mere mortals in all walks of life that have been experiencing a collective stress that is new. Indeed, I’m writing this month’s blog from the latest round of lockdowns as the Delta variant takes hold around the world. It’s creating a new round of stress, anxiety and uncertainty.
Personally, I know this has been my toughest year in business as we deal with supply chain problems, openings and closings and re-openings of various retail partners, not being able to travel to visit our customers and vendors and so on. It's hardly surprising then that this year of stress shows itself on my face as I log into yet another Zoom call.
Truth be told, I’ve taken to using the blur function maybe a bit too aggressively … I’m starting to look like a 1970s soap opera actress who insists on too much Vaseline on the camera lens! Ha, ha!
So what am I doing to combat stress as a small business owner? It starts with my cherished morning routine to get me into a healthy mindset for whatever occurs during the day.
For me, here is what I do in the morning:
Morning meditation.
This is a must – 20 minutes before I look at any emails, any social media, anything online.
Waking up my physical self.
After meditation, I drink the cup of tea my lovely significant other has made for me. He gets up and leaves me to my meditation while he gets the fire going and makes our morning cup of tea.
The power of 3.
While sipping my tea, I write down in my day planner
three things in three categories:
3 things I am looking forward to in the day
3 things I am grateful for
3 things I know about myself for sure (sort of like affirmations)
Placing the rocks into my day.
Using my day planner I write down the 3 things that tell me the day will be a success … the 3 “rocks” I need to get done in the day.
Just 3. That gets me focused on the to do's that are most important rather than most urgent.
And then the other “nice to get done” too … the "pebbles and the sand" that fit around the "rocks".
I’m not perfect … actually writing this blog was one of the 3 “rocks” for every single day of last week. Ay, ay, ay … but now it’s done.
Not perfectly but it is done.
And then of course, there is my skincare routine:
Wash my face with Cor Silver Soap, put on my Cor Silver Anytime Moisturizer and dab on my Cor Silver Eye Cream. Done!

That’s one part of my day that I can’t do without and one of the reasons I created the line to be super simple to use, yet wickedly effective in keeping the acne at bay and the wrinkles - even with all of the stress - to a minimum. 

There is a famous Harvard University study on what makes us happy: in it they tell us to limit our decisions. Having my morning routine allows me to limit decisions on how I set up my day for success … including the super unfussy routine I have around my skincare. 

I’d be super curious to find out what routines you have put in place to help your stress levels over the last year. Reach out and let us know what you are doing to manage your stress during these times.

Jennifer xx


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