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Why Is Your Moisturizer So Lightweight?

We get this question all the time: your moisturizer feels so lightweight, how can it be doing its job? And what’s with the “Anytime” in the name? 

When I started Cor, I wanted to create a line of products that was incredibly easy and unfussy to use, while still being super effective on all sorts of skin types and skin problems.  Instead of attacking each problem with a separate product, we formulate each product to be a “cocktail” of the most effective ingredients. The Silver Soap, the product for which we are most well-known, is a 4-in-1 product. The Silver Anytime Moisturiser is a multi-tasker too. It’s highly hydrating, yet lightweight feeling, that can be used at any time of the day … morning, evening, mid-afternoon, 2am after a big night out … you name it. It does its job due to the multiple ingredients that smooth, hydrate, lift and tighten.

So, what are those ingredients? In addition to our signature silver, Cor’s Silver Anytime Moisturiser contains the following:

  • Palmitoyl Pentapeptide is a unique molecule that has been shown to imitate the skin’s natural rejuvenation process, stimulating renewal and natural exfoliation of the skin’s surface without the use of harsh ingredients. PP regenerates the dermal layer by developing new collagen, elastin and glycosamainoglycans. PP not only renews the skin’s dermis layer, it also makes it noticeably thicker which adds to improved appearance of the skin but also has the added benefits of protecting itself against the harmful elements of the environment. PP is a relatively small molecule, consisting of five amino acids (protein) linked together and attached to a fatty acid to enhance oil solubility for the sake of better skin penetration. Scientists claim that PP is at least as effective against wrinkles as retinol but does not cause skin irritation, which is a common side-effect of retinoids.
  • Acetyl Hexapeptide is an extreme amino peptide consisting of six linked amino acids that relaxes muscle contractions and reduces the frequency of contraction without paralyzing the muscle. It can have similar results to an injectable but in the form of an everyday cream. After a few minutes of application, the skin feels more taut and “lifted”.
  • Oligopeptide has been shown to speed the growth of epidermal cells and is being used more often for its anti-aging and anti-wrinkle benefits. In addition, it is reported that there are wonderful anti-inflammatory benefits in products using this peptide.
  • Pomegranate Extract has extraordinary compounds to help reduce the effects of aging and fight free radicals. The natural estrogenic properties of these molecules have been known to help rejuvenate the skin and minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

The other characteristic of our Silver Anytime Moisturiser that was super important to me was that it would be very lightweight-feeling while still delivering the above benefits. I personally don’t like the feel of a heavy moisturizer, even in the winter months. Thus, the ingredients penetrate quickly leaving a silky, lightweight finish on the skin. 

Bring on winter! It’s no match for our moisturiser.




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