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Cor Silver Charitable Giving

Cor Silver and its founder, Jennifer McKinley believes that with success comes a responsibility to give back.  And so with that in mind, she has chosen three main charities to support throughout the year.

The Burn Institute:  The Burn Institute is a nonprofit health agency dedicated to reducing the number of burn injuries and deaths in San Diego, Imperial, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Founded in 1972, one of the Institute's first accomplishments was to help establish the UCSD Regional Burn Center. Today, the Burn Institute continues to: reach thousands of children and adults each year with lifesaving fire and burn prevention education; fund vital burn research and treatment; and conduct burn survivor support programs that help children and adults cope with the devastating psychological and physical effects of their injuries. 

Silver has long been used by doctors in hospitals for treating burns due to its extraordinary anti-bacterial properties in addition to its cell regeneration properties.  As such, it was a no-brainer for Jennifer to choose to support such an amazing organization as The Burn Institute.  To do so, she commissioned her good friend, New Zealand jewelry designer, Louise Douglas, to design a delicate piece of jewelry.  Evocative of The Silver Soap sitting on its soap dish, the sales of the necklace go to support The Burn Institute.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month:  Every October, Cor Silver donates 10% of its online sales to support research and development to stop the devastating disease of Breast Cancer.   As a woman-owned business, it made sense for Jennifer to support a female-centric cause such as fighting breast cancer.  Jennifer has been touched personally by cancer: her mother passed away from cancer in 1997 at a too-young age and many of her aunts and uncles have also passed away from various forms of cancer.

The Women’s Care Cottage:  According to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, there are more than 73,000 homeless people currently living in the Los Angeles area.  After moving to L.A., Jennifer McKinley, founder and president of Cor, found herself talking with friends about the overwhelming number of children and women living without homes, food and adequate clothing and a plan for a fund-raising event was hatched with those friends.  Cor has co-hosted a pool-side spa event in an effort to raise money for the Women’s Care Cottage, a facility dedicated to helping move women and children off the streets permanently and succeed independently in their homes, schools, communities and workplace.

“We are always so excited whenever we have the chance to produce this event,” said Ms. McKinley. “There is always great music, great food and drinks, great people and spa services for free and it is all raising money for such an important cause.  The funds contributed during this event have such a positive impact for these homeless women and children.”

If you have a charity or cause you are passionate about and feel Cor Silver would be equally interested, please don't hesitate to contact our public relations office at; We will do our best to research and reach out -- it's our mission to give back as often and as heartfelt as our company can provide.