Free Shipping on US Orders $200+
Free Shipping on US Orders $200+
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You're on the list for the Full Size Silver Soap!

Thanks so much for your patience! In all of our years of serving our loyal Cor fans, we have never experienced so much turmoil. Even our gorgeous Silver Eye Cream is having a hard time keeping the deep worry lines forming!

The world is a tricky place right now and yet through it all, we are so humbled by how patient you are being as we work through the issues created by the Covid situation.

We will email you the very moment that we are back in stock on your favorite sizes so that you can jump to the head of the queue to place your order. We think it will be the first week of September, but that is dependent on the ever-evolving airfreight situation.

In the meantime, we have some of the trial size still in stock and are offering free shipping on orders of $30 or more (that's two of the trial size). Order your trial size here.

Thanks everyone ... we'll get there.