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The Perfecting Series Masks

Cor introduces The Perfecting Series, a set of three different masks that are specially formulated to cater to different specific skin problems. The Calming Mask is aimed at skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, and cystic acne; The Hydrating Mask aimed at more mature skin; and The Enzyme Mask aimed at skin needing a weekly exfoliation. Cor created three different masks to accommodate different skin conditions that will be more beneficial based on your skin needs. Each mask is used to enhance – or perfect – the benefits of our daily regiment found in The Silver Series.

Each mask is developed based on the founding principles of Cor: ingredients found in nature, using science and technology to enhance the effectiveness of those ingredients. Cor products get results, simply and with no fuss. 

All of the Perfecting Series masks are free of harsh chemicals, bleaches, and strong fragrances which can further irritate and damage the skin.