Cor FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Cor:

  • $97 for a bar of soap? You must be crazy!

We love this question!

Cor soap uses only the best ingredients. Each ingredient is of the highest quality and is expensive, such as 99.9% purified silver, Japanese marine collagen, Sericin, and Chitosan. In addition, each bar goes through a multi-day manufacturing process to keep the ingredients stable and active. It is a very delicate and exact manufacturing process. As a result a bar of soap costs considerably more than your typical glycerin soap.

Even though Cor soap contains some of the most expensive ingredients in the beauty industry, Cor’s proprietary combination offers a simple one step skin care regime. When you consider the amount normally spent on a multi-step skin care system, Cor soap actually is quite cost effective. You will no longer need toners, exfoliators, primers etc.. Each bar is also very dense so will last for 4-6 months if used according to our directions.

Due to the cost of a bar of Cor, we offer the opportunity to buy a trial size, which lasts for several weeks when used as directed (you only need a little bit for each wash). This gives the customer a good amount of time to try Cor and start to witness early encouraging results.

  • How long does a bar of Cor soap last?

If used solely for the face and kept away from humidity, our 100g Signature Size bar can last from 4-6 months.

  •  Four to six months? Won’t it be a haven for bacteria to grow and get gunky?

Because of the antibacterial nature of silver, bacteria is suffocated once it comes into contact with this metal. Since bacteria can't live once it comes into contact with silver, Cor soap remains bacteria-free.

  •  What’s so special about Silver?

Silver has a long history of being used by doctors and in the medical field as an antibacterial and healing agent. Silver thread has been woven into fibers of gauzes and hospital pyjamas to help speed up the recovery of wounds and also to help prevent infection. It is used very often with burn victims because of the dual properties of fighting bacteria while speeding healthy cell growth. We are seeing more consumer products in the market place where silver is being used as the active element, such as silver plates in Samsung washing machines which produce silver ions that help eliminate bacteria at low temperature washes, or in plastic food containers to help prolong the shelf life of produce.

  •  You said this product is suitable for young skin. Why wouldn’t I buy a product more suited to acne caused by puberty?

As previously mentioned the silver in Cor soap is extremely effective at preventing and healing breakouts due to acne. Most products for adolescent acne are topical, harsh and dry out the skin. Cor soap is a gentle soap whose active ingredients penetrate deep into the dermis layer, so not only does the Silver prevent breakouts from forming, but also the Chitosan helps to balance out oil levels, resulting in a cleaner environment to prevent the encouragement of bacteria growth.

 A lot of products have been in the market place for problematic acne skin, and most of them require that you buy the complete system to see the benefits. This can become costly especially if the products do not work for your skin type. Cor’s investment is much more manageable with the sample sizes only costing $15 for a 2-3 week trial period.

  • If this soap is great for young skin, how can it be good for more mature skin?

Mature skin can still suffer from adult acne. Silver is great at preventing and healing these breakouts, even the big cyst-like lumps that brew deep beneath the surface. Cor disperses them before coming to a head. Over time, age & sun spots develop and the pigmentation can darken. Sericin helps to even out skin tone, lighten the skin pigmentation and reduce pore size. We also start losing collagen at the rate of 1.5% per year as adults, so Cor’s Japanese Marine Collagen has a long history of minimizing wrinkles. And pomegranate extract has extremely effective anti-aging properties due to it being a powerful anti-oxidant.

  • Cor is meant to be great for men too. Why would I use such an expensive soap when all I use is a basic soap and my skin is OK?

Your skin may be OK, but there’s no harm in using a product that can make one’s skin more youthful and healthy. Besides it’s so easy. Everyone needs to take care of our skin for the future, as the decline of collagen, moisture and sun damage can creep up on everyone quickly, especially men who have a tendency to not bother investing in additional skin care products other than a cleanser and products for shaving.

In addition to the aforementioned properties of Cor soap, additionally for men, it can also be a great shaving foam which not only helps with the shaving process, but can also accelerate the healing of any cuts or nicks and kill any bacteria forming in an in-grown hair. Razor burn can be greatly diminished with Cor.

Lastly, some of our male customers who suffer from chest and back acne have discovered great results by using Cor as a body soap. 

  •  I have just purchased Cor soap and it appears to be making my skin dry. What should I do?

Cor soap speeds up the rejuvenation process of the skin, thereby accelerating the time it takes to heal breakouts and also the time it takes to produce a new fresh layer of skin. Thus, the dry skin you are experiencing in the early days of use of Cor is old skin preparing itself to be replaced by the fresh new layer below.

The best way to remove this old layer of skin is to gently rub it off in a circular motion whilst the skin is damp after you have rinsed off the foam. Stick with it. Sericin is very moisturizing so once the exfoliation process has occurred you will experience dewy, luminous skin.

  • I have just purchased Cor soap and I seem to be getting more breakouts than before. What should I do?

As with any new skin care product, you need to test it with caution and any serious reactions to the soap, stop usage immediately and consult your dermatologist.

However, some individuals do experience heightened breakouts at the beginning of their experience with Cor. This is because the soap is a very deep cleanser so it is like a deep facial whereby it brings all of the deep impurities to the surface. Continue to use Cor and follow the instructions outlined for problematic skin. You can adjust the length of time the foam is left on your face as your skin becomes adjusted to the soap.

We have had great testimonials where the breakouts were severe in the first couple of weeks but the customer has continued with daily use of the soap and then saw remarkable results after two to three weeks.

  • Can pregnant women use Cor?

We recommend that you do not use Cor while you are pregnant. Because the human skin is the largest organ of the body, while there is no evidence to suggest that Cor is harmful to pregnant women and their babies, we like to err on the side of caution.


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