The Benefits of Colloidal Silver Soap

Colloidal silver soap cleans and deodorizes your face, while reducing itchiness and inflammation. Nano-sized silver particles kill unwanted bacteria that can cause odor and breakouts.

Together with smart ingredients and a well-formulated 'delivery system' to work deep into the skin, colloidal silver soap helps keep your face moisturized, healthy and resilient.

Let's dive into the wonderful world of colloidal silver soap and learn how it can help you keep your skin happy and healthy.

Colloidal Silver Soap Benefits Unveiled

First, let's talk about what a colloid is, and why colloidal silver soap is so special. 

A colloid is when particles of one substance are evenly distributed throughout another, like silver particles suspended in a liquid solution of water. In a colloid, the silver can be more easily blended into skincare products, like our fabulous soap.

Silver has been recognized for its cleansing properties for ages, even back in ancient Rome and Egypt, when people used it to help keep their drinking water fresh and clean.

However, the silver colloid is only half of the magic. The other ingredients and the way the soap is formulated make a big difference in how effective it is. You want to not only take bad stuff off your face, but also put good stuff in.

In a great colloidal silver soap, the silver particles work together with other ingredients to pamper your skin in important ways:

1. Getting your glow on: Doctors have long known that silver's antimicrobial properties help to ward off bacteria on the skin, keeping it clean and clear. Add in cleansing and moisturizing agents and your face can be its most radiant self.

2. Staying odor-free: Colloidal silver soap can help neutralize odor-causing bacteria, leaving you smelling fresh and clean.

3. Saying bye-bye, breakouts: It's been reported that many users of colloidal silver soap find their acne breakouts decrease. The soap's cleansing ingredients help balance skin's natural oils and remove pore-clogging dead skin cells, while the silver's antibacterial properties fight off germs that can cause inflammation or infection. Acne leaves behind damaged skin. That's why we're not fans of using harsh and drying salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide-based acne products. (And we've personally dealt with acne.) They can reduce the acne, but they are tough on your skin. And when your skin's already been damaged, using these drying chemicals isn't going to make it any better.

4. Rebuilding resilience: Let's stop damaging and start healing, so the skin itself will be more resilient on its own. Another wonderful property of silver is that it can help with cell regeneration. That's one more reason why we prefer silver over harsh ingredients to create a clear and luminous complexion.

5. Relieving eczema and psoriasis: If you're dealing with chronic skin issues like eczema or psoriasis, colloidal silver soap has been shown to help soothe your symptoms. Reducing bacteria on the skin can help keep inflammation at bay.

It's important to remember a couple of things when using colloidal silver soap. First, silver soap should only be used externally; it's not safe for internal use — like many skincare products. So, make sure you're only using the soap on your skin and not ingesting it. Talk to your doctor for any needed medical advice about silver. Second, the US FDA hasn't studied or approved colloidal silver soap for medicinal use or acne prevention. They haven't evaluated the benefits one way or another.

That being said, numerous reputable scientific studies have confirmed the positive effects of topical silver in eliminating bacteria. For example, you can find several such studies in this 2019 research review published on the US National Library of Medicine website.

COR ingredients

It's not enough to toss some colloidal silver into a bar of soap. To get the maximum benefits, the soap needs a well-engineered "delivery system" for getting into the skin.

What to look for in colloidal silver soap

Very small silver particles. "Nano" technically means "tiny enough to be measured in nanometers or microns" — and for silver, studies show that smaller particles are more effective at disrupting bacteria. COR's silver particles are around 7nm (seven nanometers), smaller than the average pore size, to help really get worked into the dermis layer of your skin. 

Research finds that particles smaller than 10nm work best, by far. Cheaply made silver colloids can say they use "nanoparticles," even if those particles are too large to get the full benefits of silver.

A great delivery system. Your facial skin is pretty amazing and pretty complex. It creates its own natural protective barrier of oil and lipids (even cholesterol!), and then skin itself has several different layers. To work best, the soap needs to break through that barrier to bring its ingredients deep into skin cells, pores, and layers. It also needs to spread all its ingredients evenly across the skin.

That's why it's not enough to toss some colloidal silver into a bar of soap. To get the maximum benefits, the soap needs a well-engineered "delivery system" for getting into the skin.

Gentle, face-safe cleansing ingredients. As you know, "soaps" can be very different. Some are soothing and gentle, and some are quite harsh on the skin — think about hand soap that's designed to remove heavy grease, for example. Your face needs something kinder than your hands do, so look for a colloidal soap soap that knows the difference.

So, give quality colloidal silver soap a try, and see the benefits it can bring to your skin.  

Your questions about colloidal silver, answered

Can I use colloidal silver soap on my whole body? 

Yes, you could. However, the sensitive skin of your face is where you get the most benefit. 

Skin elsewhere on the body is tougher, which makes it harder to absorb the full benefits of the colloidal silver and other ingredients. Most of the body is also less exposed to damaging sun, oils, and makeup.

Silver *body* soap is usually made with cheaper ingredients. COR Silver Soap is made specifically for your face, combining the silver with ingredients including hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamins and proteins — it's not just cleansing but also moisturizing. You can use a very small amount of it each day.

Can I take colloidal silver as an internal medicine? 

You should get all medical advice from your doctor. For ourselves, we absolutely do not recommend taking any form of silver internally. We only recommend silver for your outsides via topical (skin) application — never for your insides. Actually, the same goes for all types of soap!

We have used a small amount of our COR Silver Soap basically every day for years, with great results and no problems. (But we don't eat it, and we don't take any self-professed 'silver remedies'.)

What products do I need for my face besides colloidal silver soap?

It depends on how good your silver soap is 🙂 and what's in it. 

If you use a colloidal silver soap that's manufactured cheaply for full-body use, then you will likely find your face still needs other toners, moisturizers, makeup remover, exfoliants, and so on, and so on. (The beauty industry loves this.)

Who's got time for that? We certainly don't. So we designed COR as a single product with great ingredients for all those purposes, and using COR takes us roughly 3 minutes total each evening. Used as directed, one bar lasts a long time, and for us it eliminates all the cost of those other facial products. 

In our view colloidal silver soap can and should be a great multi-tasker.

Got other questions about colloidal silver soap? We'd love to help with answers! You can email us questions at