Cor Values

  • Cor Silver Skincare is a small business owned and operated by regular people. We want the same thing our customers want, and we are really proud when our customers say our products help them achieve these basic, essential qualities.

    These are our five Cor Values – we believe people want (and deserve!) to be:

    - Healthy

    - Happy

    - Real

    - Balanced

    - Beautiful

    Here's a little bit about why we consider these values so important, and how our products and our company match with each value.



    This one hardly needs an explanation! When you feel healthy, you are ready to live life to the fullest.

    We reflect this value by what we put in Cor products. Our focus is natural ingredients, improved by science.

    We include nourishing, natural ingredients like avocado. Jojoba. Aloe. Pomegranate. Arabic coffee. Antioxidant vitamins. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in your body and has wonderful regenerative value for skin cells. And the "CSC" in our formula stands for collagen, sericin, and chitosan – all natural proteins and fibers that protect and renew the skin.

    "Improved by science" refers to our patented delivery and extraction system of our signature silver. That's why five minutes, twice daily is all the time you need to take care of your skin's health.

    You can learn more details about all our ingredients in The Science of Cor.

    What we leave out of Cor is also important. You'll find none of the harsh chemicals or astringents common in other so-called skincare products. How could it be healthy to put those things on the beautiful, delicate skin of your face?



    Happiness is almost as fundamental as health, and it doesn't happen by accident. Your happiness deserves to be protected and fed each day.

    We love to find and share positive quotes through our Instagram account (@corsilver) and our Beautiful Skin Blog. This positive perspective builds happiness! Negative thoughts can wear us down; eventually negativity and worry can start to show up on your face, exaggerating and accelerating the normal signs of aging such as wrinkles around the eyes. In all our communication as well as our products, we want to help focus on the beauty that comes from positive, happy energy.

    Also, in recent times, scientists have done a lot of great research on happiness. Put simply, much of happiness stems from knowing your strengths and putting them to use toward a goal greater than yourself. (Here's a good read from Stanford University.)



    "Real" means simple and authentic.

    We use real ingredients (instead of fillers or artificial chemicals) and real science (not advertising buzzwords invented to impress and confuse).

    Frankly, we think the entire beauty industry gets way too complicated and pretentious sometimes. Let's stay real.

    The Cor beauty regimen takes five minutes, twice per day. It can easily replace a half-dozen products cluttering your countertop.

    Each of our ingredients has a real purpose in cleaning, moisturizing and protecting your delicate skin. Silver's antibacterial value is well known in the medical world, and our delivery system helps the skin receive maximum benefit from all our other natural ingredients.



    Balance can be hard to find in a busy, busy world.

    Yes, we reflect the balance value in our soaps and moisturizing lotions.

    We also strive for balance in how we run our business. Cor isn't a mega-corporation focused on "moving more units this quarter." We're a small, woman-owned company looking to match work, play and (from time to time) a little rest and relaxation. We want a healthy, growing business paired with real value for our customers.

    Balance really works. It goes hand-in-hand with happiness and health.

    If you're like us - like most people! - sometimes you need a little booster shot of optimism to help you keep your balance. We love to post inspiring quotes about beauty, health, and optimism on our Beautiful Skin Blog. And we've collected some of the best on this page of Beautiful Quotes.



    Beauty really is more than skin deep – it's the sum of the other values we've chosen that represent what Cor is all about. We even emphasize beauty in the award-winning packaging of our products, providing a touch of practical elegance whether you're at home, traveling, giving a gift or upgrading your business.

    When you know that you are healthy, that you are putting "your best you" forward, that your face is clean and clear, and your attitude is happy and positive – what could be more beautiful than that?


    Love our Cor Values? You'll also enjoy our Beautiful Skin Blog. We share beautiful and inspiring quotes and pictures as well as practical advice on taking care of your skin. You can also connect with us on Instagram and Pinterest. See you there!