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    Customer reviews 


    I'm almost 30 and had deep acne through adolescence that I cleared up in college with Acutane, but still have some leftover mild discolorations and pitting along with the first signs of aging. Using this in conjunction with a mild nightly skin lightener has given me the face of my 12 year old self (if I hadn't had acne at the time). I've had my big bar for three months and have barely gotten through what I think is 1/4 of the bar.

    - From 5-star Amazon review by Alyshalynn


    This soap is a god send! No more masks, no more buffing beads, no more toners, no more creams,no more cleansers that only become complacent after a while. I have been using the soap a year and it is magnificent. Wash, glow and go! I do combine it with the new sonicare spin brush for the face. And it is magnificent. I am a big Surfer and it has really cured my skin of any of the backlash ones gets from putting their face in the sun, and I mean sun from down under in New Zealand for years and then back up on Nantucket during their summer solstice. New York alone the elements can be harsh. People stop me and say your skin is so nice...and I live on the upper east side where all the most fanciest facials are given... I just use my Cor.... Thank you again for the source to buy. I know this sounds over the top but my fiance is a War Journalist and I go with him on assignment sometimes and I feel so "not high maintance" pulling one bar of soap out at night to wash my face with, instead of 5 cleansing products for my face is just a good way to live. Thank you again. Keep up the great work.

    - From customer email


    I love the Cor soap!  My skin is dynamite! 

    - From customer email


    Your products rock..that soap is AMAZING.

     - Scott Krinsky, Actor


    I've tried it out the last three days and it's amazing! My skin has cleared up within two days! I can't wait to see what else it does as I keep using it!

    The facial soap rocks! 

    I LOVE the soap! It's amazing how it lathers up quickly and really does get your makeup off! I love it!



      - From customer email


     I suggest trying the mini bar first if you are sceptical. That is what I did. Then I HAD to have the bigger bar. I can't live without it anymore. I am 43 btw and it really took a few years off my face. LOVE IT!!

    - From 5-star Amazon review byJean Powell


    Even using it just once a day, my skin looks blemishes, tighter pores, and I swear I look younger. All this from a soap! What more could you ask for?

    - From 5-star Amazon review by Angela Huffman


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    Reviews by bloggers



    Product review – Cor Silver Soap – Erica Hearts Makeup

    "I hate to call anything a miracle product, but this is pretty darn awesome.  I would definitely recommend Cor Silver Soap if you are in search of a good, well-rounded, one-step product."

     Cor Silver Soap – The Amazing Blog

    "What better than a multitasking soap which can cleanse, tone, relieve acne, reduce oil buildup, remove makeup and prevent signs of ageing… The Amazing Blog girls have found the Cor Silver Soap to do it all, meaning there is no need to spend money on an abundance of different skincare products this year."

     Cor Silver Soap: All-in-one miracle bar? – Gin Blossoms

    "I think even the travel size would last for absolutely ages, making what seems like an expensive ‘soap’ actually quite an economical cleanser and face mask all in one."


     A face wash that clears acne and blackheads: Cor the Silver Soap review – Storybook Apothecary

    "This is likely the best facial cleansing bar I’ve ever tried… I highly recommend this to anyone suffering from acne, especially if your complexion is really oily or just really imbalanced, going from dry to oily."


    Cor Silver Soap skincare review - FashionCHICsta

    "The magic happens as you work this cleanser over your skin. It will remove makeup, eliminating the need of a separate facial makeup remover, saving time and money…  For me, it has evened out my skin tone by near ridding my cheeks of rosacea and after 3 weeks I am starting to see a reduction in the appearance of my sun damage."


     Cor Silver Soap review – Fruity Lashes

    "I also tried to use it to remove foundation and it worked very well. Now after more than a month of usage, my skin has never been so clean and glowy and the pores are significantly reduced too."


     Cor Silver Soap saved my skin! – Desi Girls' Blog

    "Using it just once kick-started my skin and gave me the smooth and clean feeling I craved so badly."


     A silver bullet for acne: Cor Silver Soap review – Beauty Collection Blog

    "A silver bullet for acne."


     The Cor Silver Soap review – Front Row Beauty

    "I much prefer the COR Silver soap than the conventional AHA [alpha hydroxyl acid] or BHA based products, as it is a lot less harsh to my skin."

     Review: Cor Silver Soap – Cosmetic Cravings

    "I have been pleasantly surprised by this humble soap which delivers on its promises. "

     Friday flash review: Cor Silver Soap – A Model Recommends



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    Testimonials from Beauty Industry Executives

     Never have I brought in a product that is being discussed so much by everyone – from the call center staff to the President of the company. 

    - Senior Buyer, Bliss

     Just a quick note to say I really enjoyed meeting you in NY and am fascinated by the Cor soap. It works! Have been using it on my face and back and my skin feels super clear and very clean. My back in particular was the test and the results have been really impressive.

    - Former Executive, Estee Lauder AustraliaI've been meaning to send you this email for months now. I wanted to thank you for giving me two small samples of COR during LA fashion week at the HD Buttercup suites in March. I passed them along to my younger sister who has struggled with acne for a decade. You know the story, thousands of dollars invested in hundreds of treatments and products to no avail.  Well, COR has transformed her skin. It glows. It's clear. It's beautiful. Thank you. It's like some kind of miracle. So, please keep making it because she's hooked for life! Now my older sister, who has beautiful skin mind you, is hooked on it too because she says it's made her skin even more so. As if that were possible, but apparently it is thanks to COR.  You've created something quite spectacular here and I'm anxious to share the news with our readers and anyone else who will listen. Please let me know and thank you again for creating a wonderful product and for sharing it with me.  Looking forward to hearing from you. - Best regards, Amanda

    - Amanda Luttrell Garrigus, Editor-at-Large, Angeleno

    I want to tell you that the Cor soap is really a miracle to my skin.  You have to come and visit us again to see how it works on me.   

    - Mary Szeto, Senior Beauty Buyer, Lane Crawford 

     I LOVE your soap.  I specifically use it at the gym and it is perfect...I wash with it AND shave with it.  I am a shave cream connoisseur, and it is PHENOMENAL to use for shaving...I have a coarse, tough beard, and it works like butter!!!  Really amazing.  I also love the lotions....been using them to prep clients faces before I do makeup.

     - Christopher Drummond, Founder, Christopher Drummond Beauty

    So the reviews are in and Cor is a winner! What are you waiting for?Try our Trial Size barand see how clean and healthy your skin can be!