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The Science of COR

Cor's essential philosophy is to combine natural ingredients with a patented scientific delivery system. This combination brings essential vitamins, moisture, and protein to your skin cells in the most effective way. The Science of Cor explains the delivery system and specific ingredients that make Cor products so effective for clean, clear, and healthy skin.


Silica and nano-silver: Making natural ingredients even more effective

All our products use these two ingredients for optimum effectiveness.

Silver has long been used by doctors in hospitals to fight bacteria and speed cell repair with its cell-regenerative properties. Silver blocks the bacteria’s ability to transfer oxygen through its cell walls, thereby suffocating it. That means washing and hydrating with Cor doesn't just remove dirt - it truly protects the health of your face and skin.

Silica prepares the skin to accept the ingredients of Cor. The sponge-like nature of silica draws the silver and all of Cor’s active natural ingredients into its particles, so that it can richly nourish the skin.


Cor: The Silver Soap®

Cor soap is a convenient, single step process that cleanses and removes make-up. It has been shown to even out the skin tone, reduce the appearance of sun spots and pore size, maintain the skin’s natural moisture factor, visibly reduce the signs of aging, and protect against the hazardous effects of the sun.

The Silver Soap includes: - Japanese CSC Compound, a combination of Collagen, Sericin, and Chitosan. Collagen is well-known as the most abundant protein in your body. Sericin is one of the two natural proteins found in silk. Chitosan is a naturally occurring fiber. CSC compound was formulated in Japan specifically for the beauty and health industry. It gives the skin an even tone and protection against wear and tear. - Jojoba, Avocado, and Aloe. These ingredients provide healthy oils to nourish your skin. - Vitamins A and E. - Hyaluronic Acid may be less familiar, but it too is naturally present in your body and helps tissues to heal. With Cor Silver Soap, you simply add water to create a rich lather, gently wash the face, wait two minutes, rinse, and the job’s done. Foam… Rinse… Glow…®


Cor: The Silver Lotions

Our lotions' base delivery mechanism is the same patented system that makes the soap so effective. The nano-silver/silica combination is the key to getting the ingredients to the dermis layer, thereby allowing the ingredients to do their work more effectively. At an average size of 5 nanometers (nm’s) the particles are able to penetrate via the pore to the dermis layer.

The liberal use of peptides in the lotions again applies some of the newest and best research in the skincare industry. The lotions are contained in airless tubes, so that there isn’t a need for artificial preservatives – the lotions will stay fresh using the most up-to-date packaging.


The Ingredients:

All three lotions have the following base ingredients: Palmitoyl Pentapeptide: A unique and fairly new molecule that has been shown to imitate the skin’s natural rejuvenation process, stimulating renewal and natural exfoliation of the skin’s surface without the use of harsh ingredients. PP regenerates the dermal layer by developing new collagen, elastin and glycosamainoglycans. PP not only renews the skin’s dermis layer, it also makes it noticeably thicker which adds to improved appearance of the skin but also has the added benefits of protecting itself against the harmful elements of the environment. Palmitoyl pentapeptide is a relatively small molecule, consisting of five amino acids (protein) linked together and attached to a fatty acid to enhance oil solubility for the sake of better skin penetration. Proponents, including scientists at Proctor & Gamble and Sederma (makers of Stri-Vectin), claim that PP is at least as effective against wrinkles as retinol and does not cause skin irritation, which is a common side-effect of retinoids. · Acetyl Hexapeptide: Acetyl hexapeptide is an amino peptide consisting of six linked amino acids. It relaxes muscle contractions and reduces the frequency of contraction. It has been shown to produce the positive results you might expect from Botox®, BUT without paralyzing the muscle, and in the friendly form of an everyday cream. After a few minutes of application, the skin feels more taut and “lifted”.

Layered into the base ingredients, each lotion also includes additional ingredients, targeted to a specific purpose.

Cor, The Silver Wrinkle Serum:

Copper tripeptide has been well documented to improve the healing of various types of skin lesions, such as scarring, sun, and acne damage, breaking down the abnormally large cross linked collagen and at the same time stimulating the production of regular collagen found in normal skin. In other words, copper tripeptides in Cor's Wrinkle Serum can help restore a damaged area to its original look.

Cor, The Silver Anytime Moisturiser:

Pomegranate Extract has anti-oxidant properties to help reduce the affects of aging and fight free radicals. The natural estrogenic properties of these molecules have been known to help rejuvenate the skin and minimize the appearance of wrinkles. · Marine Collagen in higher concentrations give Cor's Anytime Moisturiser a rich, effective boost to the loss of collagen which occurs naturally with age. And remember, using the patented nano-silver/silica technology, the collagen in Cor products actually gets to the dermis layer of the skin, thereby making Cor’s collagen more effective, ounce for ounce.

Cor, The Silver Eye Cream:

Macadamia Ternifolia Seed has a high concentration of palmitoleic acid which is a naturally occurring fatty acid produced by the sebaceous glands. Our bodies' production of palmitoleic acid decreases as we age, making this ingredient especially valuable for mature and dry skin. · Tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E) is an antioxidant that has been shown to protect cell membranes from damage, thus helping to rejuvenate the skin and minimize the appearance of wrinkles. · Ascorbyl glucoside is a stabilised Vitamin C derivative for brighter, healthier, younger looking skin. It has been shown to suppress melanin synthesis to prevent unwanted pigmentation, and reduce existing melanin, resulting in a lighter tone and color for the skin. · Rosehip Oil has gained popularity due to its known rejuvenating properties and also is a rich source of vitamin C. For surgeons it has been beneficial to regenerate and assist in preventing the formation of scars and loosening up of fibrous cords. Cosmetologists have been using these properties with much success to help reduce the fine lines around the eyes and mouth.