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Ingredient #2: Why did we choose our particular mix of ingredients in The Silver Soap®?

Over summer, we shared more detailed information on one of our key ingredients Chitosan. With the mugginess of summer giving way to the bone dry air of fall and winter, we thought we would tackle Sericin today. It is truly one of the ingredients we were most excited about while formulating our Silver Soap. Why? Let’s get into it.

#2 Sericin – the natural skin toner

Growing up in New Zealand in an age when it was common to spend all day in the sun at the beach slathered in baby oil, I had horrible sun damage. I’m very fair-skinned and so my idea of a good tan is a melding of the freckles!  Several decades later here I was with sun spots and premature wrinkling. Take those conditions and combine with the adult acne I had started developing, and it seemed not just not terribly unattractive, but also unfair. Acne AND aging? Ugh. Enter Sericin.

Sericin is one of the two ingredients in our soap that has been known to help in the reversal of sun damage (our proprietary, patented silver-silica compound is the other). How does it do that? Sericin is a natural ingredient sourced from silk. It is a protein that binds to your skin.

So why is it good for skin?

As it is the protein in silk that binds the fibers of the silk cocoon together, it is especially good at adhering to your skin to provide a protective layer after you have washed. To be a little technical about it, Sericin contains a random coil structure which is soluble in hot water and then when it cools, after washing your face, it forms an invisible gel.

Having this protective layer on your skin then does two things:

1. Locks in the vitamins and other goodness that comes with your Silver Soap. It very importantly locks in the moisture that you need for a healthy complexion, especially as we move into the really dry winter months;
2. Provides a reflective surface that bounces back rays as they hit the skin.

    In addition, it has skin-lightening properties. So, not only does it help reverse the skin damage and sun spots that have already formed, it provides a protective barrier to help reduce the risk of further damage.

    Does it really work?

    We have had customers write in to us to tell us that the Silver Soap has helped even out their skin tone. One customer, Megan, who lived in Colorado said that she used to have to slather on heavy night creams during the day to stop her skin from drying out and becoming red during the winters there. After using Cor for a few weeks, she found that her skin was dewy all day long with using just a simple, lightweight moisturizer after washing with Cor.

    Another customer in Washington DC who had terrible scarring from a dog attack (she had undergone multiple plastic surgeries to reconstruct her face) told us that a combination of Cor Silver Soap and Cor’s Wrinkle Serum have worked together to stop her scars from hurting and becoming inflamed in the harsh cold of the D.C. winters.

    I personally have found that my T-Zone oiliness has disappeared and the skin tone is even throughout the day ... and those dreaded sun spots are a distant memory (as is the acne!)

    Where do we source our Sericin?

    As with anything, the quality of the source ingredients counts.  We scour the world for the highest quality ingredients in our products. As such, we source our sericin from Japan where we create a proprietary compound along with chitosan and marine collagen. 




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    Getting red carpet ready on a seriously tiny budget - it can be done!

    This time last week I was feeling like Cinderella waking up after the ball. I was so lucky to be able to attend the Primetime Emmy Awards and The Governor’s Ball following the awards ceremony. It was super fun, but the week beforehand I was worried about how to get myself red carpet ready, given how limited my budget was, and the fact that I am very much a plain Jane.

    One of my friends who I have known for decades is an executive at NBC and he invited me to be his date this year. I was thrilled, but let me say, also a little intimidated. First, a supermodel I am not! Second, given some investments just made in the business, I really couldn’t go out and buy anything new.

    So getting red carpet ready took a lot of creativity. Given I am 5’1”, there was no possibility of borrowing clothes from friends. As an aside, Nicole Richie just did a hilarious episode on her new tv show of what it is like to go through life as someone who is also 5’1”. ( Luckily I had one black tie outfit in my closet. It was old, really, really old. I think I bought it in the 1990s. Phew! The dress still works. Lesson: every woman should have one timeless formal dress in her closet.

    I thought about just doing my makeup myself, but why when there are fantastic makeup artists in every mall across America? So I took myself off to the Bobbi Brown counter at Macys. I wasn’t alone! There were quite a few other women getting their makeup done there too. A purchase of an eyeliner that I needed to replace anyway, and Jamie from Bobbi Brown did my makeup so much better than I ever could.

    Next, my hair. I may not be a supermodel (or even come anywhere close to being a model of any kind!), but I do have good hair. But you know how you always have the best hair the day you go to the hairdressers than at any other time? I decided to splash out on getting a blow out. This was my one expense. $60 at the brilliantly-conceived Dry Bar, and I came out with a hairdo that was intricate, fun and youthful. Dry Bar is always such a fun experience, but it was especially buzzing on this day as everyone there in the Studio City location was going to the Emmys that night.

    Next on the list accessories: the clutch I bought from TJ Maxx for $19.95, the jewelry was a mix of vintage items from my mother who was quite the fashionista before the term was even invented. I have a really great costume ring from the 1970s of hers. I added a couple of Swarovski leather cuff bands which were a gift from a friend for my birthday this year. The one extravagance was a stunning pair of earrings borrowed for the night from a friend of mine who is a very high end jewelry designer. 18k gold, 1.8ct black diamonds and diamond beads. Thanks Drew! (

    And so with a grand outlay of $79.95 I was off to mix and mingle on the red carpet. I had such a blast. Everyone was gorgeous. Everyone was gracious. Everyone was fun. Everyone was funny.  Here’s a few of my favourite photos. I especially like the one of Betsy Brandt from Breaking Bad made fun of how short I am in! 




    Ingredient #1: What is the chitosan in The Silver Soap®?

    When we launched Cor six years ago, we knew we had something special and were blown away when we won Best Normal Skin Cleanser from the readers of Self magazine that same year. As we were just starting out, we didn’t even know that we had been entered. Apparently, an early adopter recommended it to one of the beauty editors at Self, so imagine our surprise when we were invited to New York to attend the awards luncheon. 

    While much has been written about our patented compound of silver-silica, there are so many other ingredients that are noteworthy as well. We get so many questions about why we created our particular cocktail of ingredients, so we thought we would start a series of articles to explain the reasoning behind the other ingredients.

    #1 Chitosan – the fat binder

    As it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere right now, we’ll start with chitosan. This nifty little, all natural, ingredient does a stellar job of removing excess oils from the skin.

    We first heard about this ingredient back in the 1980s when I was trying to lose a few pounds. I'm also trying to lose a few pounds! Huh? How is losing weight related to clear skin? 

    As it is a fibrous, fat binder which can absorb up to eight times its weight in unwanted oils, taken as a diet supplement, it can block the absorption of fat and cholesterol.  In fact, it is used as a natural supplement to treat obesity, high cholesterol and Crohn’s disease.

    So why is it good for skin?

    Take that same fat-binding property and apply it to the skin and you have a very effective method of washing away unwanted oils on the surface of the skin.  The Silver Soap is most effective when the foam is left on the skin for anywhere between 30 seconds to 2 minutes. So as the foam sits on the skin the chitosan sops up all of those excess oils which form, especially in these sweltering, muggy summer conditions.

    Anyone with oily skin or a combination skin with sheen in the T-zone will see a dramatic difference due to the chitosan in our little ball of goodness.

    What are the other uses of Chitosan?

    According to Webmd, chitosan can also act as an anti-inflammatory and so people can chew gum that contains this wonderful ingredient to treat periodontitis and to prevent cavities.

    Not only that, but plastic surgeons have also been known to apply it to areas from which they have taken skin tissue to be used in other parts of the body.  Why?  It, like silver, has cell-regeneration properties which helps the missing tissue to rebuild itself.  Wow!

    Where do we source our Chitosan?

    As with anything, the quality of the source ingredients counts.  We scour the world for the highest quality ingredients in our products. As such, we source our chitosan from Japan where we create a proprietary compound along with sericin and marine collagen…. more on that in our next post.


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