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The Beautiful Skin Blog

Guest Blog: Idalia Ceballos

Belle Nu Skin is a skincare blog founded by Idalia, Pamela and Carolina, 3 skin care enthusiasts. Together these 3 girls, of diverse ages, skin types and careers, teamed up to create content focusing on products, treatments, and lifestyle choices that contribute to better skin every day.

Here is Idalia’s story, and how Cor Silver has helped her combat signs of aging.

1. Intro (Age, career, skin type, and skin issue you deal with)

My name is Idalia, I am 48 years young. I have been an entrepreneur my whole life. Given the demands of my career I have always taken pride in my self-care. In doing so, I have always looked for the best high quality skincare products focused towards anti-aging and that fit my lifestyle. I travel over 6 months out of the year and I am constantly exposed to different environments, temperatures and the dry air from airplanes. My biggest skincare focus is to maintain my skin moisturized in order to prevent wrinkles.

2. How long have you used Cor Silver products?

I discovered Cor Silver over 6 years ago on a trip to London. I was shopping at Harrods to find the new and best foreign skincare products to bring back to California to use in my daily skincare routine. I was so impressed by the natural ingredients and multiple skin benefits of the Cor Silver soap that it immediately became a staple in my skincare routine. To this day the Cor Silver soap is the only cleanser I use and it is the best to travel with.


3. How do you incorporate Cor Silver into your everyday routine?


I use Cor Silver to cleanse my skin every morning and every night. In the evening I use the soap with my Clarisonic to get all of my makeup off. On some occasions I like to leave the foam of the soap on for 10 minutes as a facemask.

4. What is the biggest change you have seen in your skin from using Cor Silver?

Since using Cor Silver I have noticed my pores minimize in size and my skin does not feel dry after I use it, which would typically occur with other cleansers I had used in the past.

Guest Blog: Pamela Dabdoub

Belle Nu Skin is a skincare blog founded by Idalia, Pamela and Carolina; 3 skin care enthusiasts. Together these 3 girls, of diverse ages, skin types and careers, teamed up to create content focusing on products, treatments, and lifestyle choices that contribute to better skin every day. 

Here is Pamela’s story, and how Cor Silver has improved her rosacea and has helped with premature aging. 

1. Intro (Age, career, skin type, and skin issue you deal with)

My name is Pamela and I am 25 years old. I am a recent law school graduate working a corporate job. For as long as I can remember I have always had sensitive skin. I was always prone to redness and when I was a teenager I was diagnosed with rosacea which meant I had a new list of no-no’s when it came to my diet and skincare regimen. Any fragrances, alcohol or harsh chemicals made my skin irritated and in some cases made me break out into a rash. My biggest skin concern of the moment is maintaining my skin looking fresh and plump. I have noticed that in transitioning from a graduate student to a young professional the look of stress wears heavy on my skin. I have been my busiest in the last couple of years and I am always willing to try any product that will make me look like I have slept 10 hours when I barely get 5 hours of sleep some days.


2. How long have you used Cor Silver products?

My mother recommended the Cor Silver soap after many years of trying different products that continually irritated my skin. I have been using the soap for over 3 years now and I can easily say that it is the only cleanser that does not dry out my skin.


3. How do you incorporate Cor Silver into your everyday routine?

I use the Cor Silver soap every night to cleanse my skin and melt away any makeup and residue. I couple it with the Clarisonic in order for my skin to be as clean as possible before starting my nightly skincare routine. I am also obsessed with the packaging. I travel so much for work that I feel like I live out of a suitcase. I am also a crazy germaphobe and am very careful to never contaminate my products or skin with my dirty hands. I love the packaging of the Cor Silver soap which protects the soap from any contamination. So simple, yet so practical. Everything a girl on the go needs.


4. What is the biggest change you have seen in your skin from using Cor Silver?

Since using Cor Silver my skin irritation from my rosacea has incredibly improved. My skin is no longer exposed to the harsh chemicals found in traditional cleansers and to make it even better the Cor Silver soap is actually a hydrating soap, which is not easy to find. The redness of my skin has calmed down and the texture and feel of my skin continually gets better. At this point it would be hard for me not to rely on the Cor Silver soap as my go to daily cleanser.


Guest Blog: Carolina Teón

Belle Nu Skin is a skincare blog founded by Idalia, Pamela and Carolina, 3 skin care enthusiasts. Together these 3 girls, of diverse ages, skin types and careers, teamed up to create content focusing on products, treatments, and lifestyle choices that contribute to better skin every day.

Here is Carolina’s story on how Cor Silver has improved treat her acne scars and uneven tone pigmentation.

  • Intro (Age, career, skin type, and skin issue you deal with)

  • My name is Carolina Teón, I’m a twenty-two year old college student and Co-Founder of Belle Nu Skin living in sunny Los Angeles. I’m a pretty active young woman and I strongly believe in the importance of self-care. My skin type is a combination that changes throughout the year. During the winter my skin seems dehydrated and dry and, on the other hand, my skin tends to become oily during the summer.

    Over the course of transitioning into adulthood and leaving my teens behind, the biggest challenge for me has been dealing with acne scars. Due to the fact that I have a history of battling acne during my teens, towards the end of that journey I was left with scars that didn’t seem to heal. So up until this day this is an issue that still concerns me.

  • How long have you used Cor Silver products?

    I am fascinated by skincare and I am constantly trying new products, and I can confidently say that one of the products that has always been unfailing is Cor Silver.  In particular, I have used the Cor Silver Soap for over 3 years now and it has become my MUST-HAVE product due to its efficiency in helping treat my acne scars and evening out my skin tone.


  • How do you incorporate Cor Silver into your everyday routine?

    I use the Cor Silver Soap every night to cleanse my skin and I let the foam penetrate into my pores and skin for about 30 seconds. After that I cleanse my whole face with my clarisonic to help take off all the bacteria or excess dirt that may be left. Also, every time I head on a trip to the gym or even a weekend vacation, I ALWAYS make sure to pack my small Cor Silver Soap. This is a great product that includes effective ingredients and is safe to use on a daily basis.


  • What is the biggest change you have seen in your skin from using Cor Silver?

    The greatest change that I have seen from the use of the Cor Silver Soap has been the brighter pigmentation it has brought to my skin. After the use of Cor Silver throughout the years, I have seen that it has removed the dullness and uneven tone that was caused by my acne scars. This truly has been one of the most impactful products I have ever used and I think it is the perfect product to start preparing my skin to prevent future wrinkles.

    Learn more about Carolina's skincare routine by visiting her on Instagram at @belle.nu.skin or the Belle Nu Skin blog. 

    Silver on Skin: The Why, What, and How

    All kinds of health-related companies use silver in their products, but it’s important to know which forms are appropriate in skin care. There are many skin-care products that list silver on their packaging, but Cor was the original line developed on the principles of silver’s properties -- and the only line with a patented silver ingredient. With our long history in silver, the Cor team decided it was a good idea to explain a bit of the science behind silver as a healing and cleansing agent, and which forms are safe to use on your skin.

    You probably already know that silver is a metal. And if you took any chemistry you may recall that all metals (silver, copper, gold, etc.) consist of only one element which makes them inorganic compounds. It’s always a red flag when someone says they use “Organic Silver” in their product because you can’t use the word “organic” to describe an inorganic compound the same way you would a tomato or quart of milk!

    Humans have used silver as a health-care remedy as far as 400 B.C., when Hippocrates identified the antimicrobial properties of silver, which means its ability to block or kill other organisms. There is evidence that silver is a natural component of a healthy immune system, and doctors use it for burn victims and infectious wounds. These days we use silver in all kinds of health and cleaning products, from antibiotics to disinfectants to water purifiers. Take a look at this article that lists 100+ ways we use silver in our everyday lives. In skin-care products, silver’s ability to kill bacteria and speed cell-regeneration makes it a powerful panacea for skin damage and infection.

    The silver used for skin care needs to be Colloidal Silver, which means complete particles that don’t contain any additional proteins or other elements. Colloidal Silver is compatible with the body, and has had amazing success in improving and healing damaged skin without any side effects.

    To add Colloidal Silver to skin-care products, companies use tiny particles called Nano Silver, which are too small to see with the naked eye. At Cor, we use a patented technology to blend the Nano Silver particles (and other ingredients) with a mineral called Silica. Silica’s spongy texture makes it a great -- and natural -- bonding agent.

    Another type of silver used in everyday products that is not always compatible with the body is Ionic Silver. Ionic Silver particles are not complete particles, and this makes them susceptible to combine with other elements. In the human body, silver ions combine with chloride ions to form Silver Chloride, which is an insoluble compound that can be harmful or even toxic for humans. When silver ions combine with citric acid, they produce a powerful preservative called Silver Citrate, thereby eliminating the need for harmful preservatives such as parabens or, god forbid, formaldehyde.

    When you’re checking out products, be sure to read your labels and make sure you’re comfortable with the ingredients and process. We consider ourselves experts on the science of silver in skin care so if you see something you don’t understand, we’d love to hear from you! Just send us an email at info@ corsilver.com.

    Finally -- and we hope this goes without saying -- you can rest assured that at Cor, you never have to worry about the quality and efficacy of our products. We stand behind the safety of all our ingredients as well as our processes, and are committed to bringing you safe and natural products that also work! For a complete list of our products, visit www.corsilver.com/collections

    What’s the Deal with “K Beauty”?

    It was only a matter of time for “K Beauty” to catch on in the U.S.

    K Beauty is short for “Korean Beauty,” and it stands for the beauty methods and products that originate in South Korea. Here at Cor, we’d like to say that we were ahead of the curve since Cor was basically founded on the principles of Korean skin care. But to be fair, many other countries -- including Jennifer’s native New Zealand -- already take advantage of K Beauty, and have done for decades.

    For those of you who are new to the K Beauty phenomenon, the Korean approach is all about cultivating “glass skin,” a term they use to describe skin that looks like a piece of glass: clear, poreless, translucent and luminous. K Beauty focuses on hydrating and nourishing the skin to make it glow from the inside-out. It’s also about incorporating an element to our skin-care routine which cleans and protects our skin as we age. And while many of the rituals and ingredients date back hundreds of years, one of the hallmarks of K Beauty is its commitment to innovation and discovery. Its eagerness to embrace new technology, ingredients, formulas, and packaging is a big reason K Beauty is recognized and emulated across the globe.

    Jennifer was first introduced to K Beauty while living and working in Asia back in the ‘80s and ‘90s. During one of her trips to Korea, she followed a local skin-care regimen that worked so brilliantly on her own skin, she decided to recreate it with her own product line. Working closely with a Korean scientist, she experimented with the technology and ingredients until she got it right ... and then she started Cor. For a more detailed explanation and ideas about how to build your own skin-care routine using Cor’s suite of innovative skin-care products, check out our product line on our Beauty Regime page.

    Ingredient #2: Why did we choose our particular mix of ingredients in The Silver Soap®?

    Over summer, we shared more detailed information on one of our key ingredients Chitosan. With the mugginess of summer giving way to the bone dry air of fall and winter, we thought we would tackle Sericin today. It is truly one of the ingredients we were most excited about while formulating our Silver Soap. Why? Let’s get into it.

    #2 Sericin – the natural skin toner

    Growing up in New Zealand in an age when it was common to spend all day in the sun at the beach slathered in baby oil, I had horrible sun damage. I’m very fair-skinned and so my idea of a good tan is a melding of the freckles!  Several decades later here I was with sun spots and premature wrinkling. Take those conditions and combine with the adult acne I had started developing, and it seemed not just not terribly unattractive, but also unfair. Acne AND aging? Ugh. Enter Sericin.

    Sericin is one of the two ingredients in our soap that has been known to help in the reversal of sun damage (our proprietary, patented silver-silica compound is the other). How does it do that? Sericin is a natural ingredient sourced from silk. It is a protein that binds to your skin.

    So why is it good for skin?

    As it is the protein in silk that binds the fibers of the silk cocoon together, it is especially good at adhering to your skin to provide a protective layer after you have washed. To be a little technical about it, Sericin contains a random coil structure which is soluble in hot water and then when it cools, after washing your face, it forms an invisible gel.

    Having this protective layer on your skin then does two things:

    1. Locks in the vitamins and other goodness that comes with your Silver Soap. It very importantly locks in the moisture that you need for a healthy complexion, especially as we move into the really dry winter months;
    2. Provides a reflective surface that bounces back rays as they hit the skin.

      In addition, it has skin-lightening properties. So, not only does it help reverse the skin damage and sun spots that have already formed, it provides a protective barrier to help reduce the risk of further damage.

      Does it really work?

      We have had customers write in to us to tell us that the Silver Soap has helped even out their skin tone. One customer, Megan, who lived in Colorado said that she used to have to slather on heavy night creams during the day to stop her skin from drying out and becoming red during the winters there. After using Cor for a few weeks, she found that her skin was dewy all day long with using just a simple, lightweight moisturizer after washing with Cor.

      Another customer in Washington DC who had terrible scarring from a dog attack (she had undergone multiple plastic surgeries to reconstruct her face) told us that a combination of Cor Silver Soap and Cor’s Wrinkle Serum have worked together to stop her scars from hurting and becoming inflamed in the harsh cold of the D.C. winters.

      I personally have found that my T-Zone oiliness has disappeared and the skin tone is even throughout the day ... and those dreaded sun spots are a distant memory (as is the acne!)

      Where do we source our Sericin?

      As with anything, the quality of the source ingredients counts.  We scour the world for the highest quality ingredients in our products. As such, we source our sericin from Japan where we create a proprietary compound along with chitosan and marine collagen. 




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