Facial care made simple! 9+ great skincare tips

Facial care takes a little time and attention – but it shouldn't be a drag!

Yes, the skin of your face is more delicate than the rest of your body. But you *don't* need a dozen products or an hour-long routine every day to take care of your face.

Eat healthy, stay hydrated, use a mild cleanser, and avoid sunburn. If you take just those four simple, commonsense facial care tips and put them into action, you'll be way ahead of the game.

But why stop there! Here we've collected a bunch more good, sound advice for 'putting your best face forward' – looking and feeling your absolute best.


#1 Make cleaning your face a separate process from your shower or bath.

Why? Because you want a more gentle soap or cleanser for your face. And you probably use hotter water for your shower than your face really wants. (See tip #8 below.)

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#2 Get some sleep!

Adults need at least 7 hours per night. Teens and kids need 8 1/2 hours or more. When you rest, your body spends more energy refreshing and renewing your skin cells.

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#3 Shield from the sun.

20 minutes of moderate sunshine will make you happier and healthier. But long, direct exposure to the sun becomes very damaging to your skin. Wear sunblock. Wear a hat. Avoid mid-day sun.

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#4 Manage your stress.

If you're stressed, it will eventually show on your face. Stress causes your body to overload on certain chemicals and hormones, which can cause everything from wrinkles to oily skin. Chill out. To help lower stress, do yoga or other moderate, consistent exercise. Sleep and eat better.

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#5 Use fewer products.  

Some women use 20 or more products in their beauty regimen. Doctors and dermatologists agree – that's overkill and you're wasting money without helping your skin. Two or three products at most in the morning and night. Two they all agree on: use a gentle cleanser (we'll go ahead and say it: COR!) and sunblock!

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#6 Wash your pillowcase and sheets!

Your bedsheets gradually pick up dust, dead skin cells, bacteria, oil, dirt. That's not the stuff you want your face resting on. Wash the sheets, especially the pillowcases, and then you really can call it "beauty rest".

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#7 Throw away your old makeup

The older it gets, the more likely it is to get moldy. Even if you love it, after a time you need to get rid of it and start fresh.

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#8 Take cooler showers

Hot water dries out your face. Sounds counterintuitive maybe, but really hot water removes all the healthy oil that your face uses to protect itself. (Yes a little oil is natural and good.) So drop the temp a few degrees to give your face a break!

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#9 Clean your cell phone (and your glasses)!

Touching your face with a dirty pillowcase isn't good. Same goes for a dirty cellphone! Clean it (follow instructions so you don't damage the phone)!

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 >>Stay tuned! We'll keep adding more great facial care tips.


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