How to get clean, healthy skin for Back To School!

You've been lounging around, sunbathing, swimming and generally forgetting about the books and school. But with the start of the new academic year soon upon you, you might be starting to plan for the first day back.  Along with your class schedule, your books, your supplies and your wardrobe, don't forget about the best way to make a good first impression – your flawless skin!


You want a clean, glowing complexion for the first day of school. Don't put it off until the last minute - it's never too late to start, but you'll get better results with a little ahead-of-time work.


Cor Silver Soap can make a huge difference. Our gentle cleansing bar is made specifically for the skin of your face, which is more delicate than most of your skin. Cor's natural ingredients aren't harsh like benzoyl peroxide. We use a patented, scientific compound to help those ingredients get down to the core of your skin cells to have the best possible effect. And we match your skin's natural and neutral pH - it's around 7 on the pH scale, and so is Cor soap.


Ideally, start one month before the first day of school. Start with our trial size bar – it's affordable and when you follow the simple directions (5 minutes, twice a day), it will easily last for a full month. It's just for your face, and you only need a little bit of lather for each wash. Bonus: This routine will also work beautifully for makeup removal each evening.


Other key steps to healthy back to school skin!


Exercise. Obvious as it might sound, exercise makes you healthy. And that goes for your skin too. Get your heart rate up and your circulation going for 20 minutes each day – jogging, swimming, biking, field hockey, a brisk walk – whatever you enjoy.


Drink more water. We've got awesome hydrating and moisturizing ingredients. But hydration starts on the inside! Drinking the recommended amount of water each day flushes toxins from your body and hydrates skin and other cells. NOTE: Beverages containing caffeine or alcohol do NOT provide the same hydration value as water (in fact, they can work against you instead of for you).


Get more sleep. As much fun as it can be staying up all night, it takes a toll on the health of your skin. That's why you might see those famous bags-under-the-eyes in the morning. Teens really do need 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night. (Hey, you're probably extra tired from that daily exercise anyway. See how this all works together?)


Reduce your stress. Stress shows up on our faces. Your immune system and anti-inflammatory abilities both work poorly under stress. You will find that exercise and sleep both help keep stress under control; look for other ways to talk through challenges and keep stress at bay.


Combine Cor Silver Soap with these steps for a healthy you and a great first day of school outfit and you'll be sure to make a great first impression on old friends and new!