COR Colloidal Silver Soap

See this? This is silver. Look at how silky and smooth this is.


Now do you see this?  See how silky and smooth her skin is?

That’s what happens when you put silver in your soap.


Introducing COR Silver Soap, your personal dermatologist in a cleansing bar.

The skincare soap that simplifies your routine, clears your complexion, and declutters your cabinet.

And reduces your skincare routine from 60 minutes down to 6 – all while having baby-smooth skin.

Loved by 53,000 customers worldwide since 2008

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The Problem With Your Skincare Routine: It’s just too complicated!

And the problem with that is?

It takes too long — and you don't know what's actually working!

Your skincare success is based on consistently caring for your skin.

But all your research about skin care products and what to buy just seems like navigating a maze.

And tell us if this headache sounds familiar.

Having to pick the right product for each of your skin problems. 

This one at night…

This one in the morning….

This one in hot weather…

This one in cold weather…

And then you have to make sure you are layering them on right, or else they won’t work as well.

And then your skin goes through changes as the years go by…

So you have to change your whole routine again.

And we both can agree that your wallet’s not very happy about that.

Not to mention the harsh chemicals in many popular skincare products and makeup.

Or the latest fad that hasn’t been proven over time, and might even make things worse.

To the point where you might feel like giving up and just live with your skin and its imperfections.

But here’s why COR Silver Soap will make your skin luminous and finally end all your skincare headaches.

Your Whole Skincare Routine In One Bar Of Soap

We start with our award-winning formula of natural ingredients that solves the root causes of your skin problems.

Make it into one multitasking bar of soap that you can simply lather on your face when you shower.

The results?

Instead of 60 minutes in the bathroom  - it’s 6 minutes.

Instead of 10 different products to layer, it’s one simple step you already do every day - so you NEVER miss your skin care routine.

Instead of harsh chemicals, it’s natural ingredients.

And for as much as what you spend on one Sunday brunch, it can last you up to 6 months!

Your skin is smooth. You are full of confidence.

And your wallet is happy!

Plus–it removes makeup brilliantly.

Our “Not-So-Secret” Ingredients That Do Miracles:

We start with our proprietary silver. The short explanation why?

  • Silver promotes your skin's ability to heal and repair itself naturally, without harsh chemicals and intrusive substances.
  • Hence, it works great on all skin types, especially the acne-prone.
  • So you don’t have to worry about changing products or routines every season and every few years, because your skin can naturally adapt!

Now if you want the more in-depth science:

Silver’s anti-inflammatory properties makes it a skincare heavy-hitter, as so many skin issues — including redness, acne, and chronic conditions such as dermatitis, rosacea and psoriasis — stem from inflammation.

But our silver has a unique way of fighting off acne-causing bacteria: the particles attach themselves to the proteins on the cellular wall of the bacteria.

Where they penetrate into the cell to disrupt the metabolic processes of the bacteria. 

Basically, you can think of silver as suffocating the bacteria.

Not only that, but the antifungal benefits of silver improve your skin’s natural protective barrier.

In this way, silver kickstarts the skin’s natural repair mechanisms.

Additionally it has cell regeneration properties which is why it is often used on burn victims. It simultaneously stops infections forming and helps lessen the scarring process.

The power ingredients of COR Silver Soap don't stop there though. We also layer in:

Hyaluronic acid: Because of its ability to draw and hold water, it works as a humectant, keeping your skin moisturized throughout the day.

Retinol, a form of Vitamin A. Together with Vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate) and Vitamins D2 and D3, these nourish, brighten and strengthen your delicate skin.

Marine Collagen: can add a more youthful appearance to your face. Collagen gives your skin structure and elasticity.

Sericin: a natural, soluble protein made from silk. Highly moisture-binding and film-forming, it protects the skin against the harsh effects of the environment.

Chitosan: a natural fiber that absorbs unwanted oils and acts to even out skin tone, especially in trouble areas like the T zone.

Huang Qin, AKA Chinese skullcap: This potent antioxidant compound used in traditional Chinese medicine is rich in flavonoids and other bioactive elements, which have been shown to provide significant protection from sun damage.

Jojoba, Avocado, Aloe, Pomegranate, Olives, Grapeseed, Arabica Coffee, and other natural ingredients provide your skin with vitamins, antioxidants and healthy oils and proteins. This moisturizes, nourishes and repairs the delicate skin of your face, reducing the effects of ageing.

The Results?

Loved by 53,000 thousand customers worldwide since 2008

Try COR Silver Soap Now