Ingredient #1: What is the chitosan in COR's colloidal silver soap?

Ingredient #1: What is the chitosan in COR's colloidal silver soap?

When we launched COR sixteen years ago, we knew we had something special —but winning Best Normal Skin Cleanser from the readers of Self magazine that same year still blew us away. As we were just starting out, we didn’t even know that we had been entered. Apparently, an early adopter recommended it to one of the beauty editors at Self, so imagine our surprise when we were invited to New York to attend the awards luncheon. 

While much has been written about our unique colloidal silver formula, there are  many other ingredients in COR that help your skin. You can read about the full list here, but let's take a closer look, one by one.

First up: Chitosan!

#1 Chitosan – for removing excess oil

Chitosan is a nifty all-natural ingredient does a stellar job of removing excess oils from the skin.

As chitosan is a fibrous "fat binder" which can absorb up to eight times its weight in unwanted oils, it is sometimes sold as a diet supplement, aimed at blocking the absorption of fat and cholesterol.  In fact, it is used as a natural supplement to treat obesity, high cholesterol and Crohn’s disease. But we realized that a small amount of chitosan would be helpful in dealing with oil on facial skin.

So why is chitosan good for skin?

Take that same fat-binding property and apply it to the skin, and you have a very effective method of washing away unwanted oils on the surface of the skin. COR's The Silver Soap is most effective when the foam is left on the skin for anywhere between 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Why? As the foam sits on the skin, the chitosan sops up all of those excess oils which form, especially in sweltering, muggy summer conditions.

Anyone with oily skin or a combination skin with sheen in the T-zone will see a dramatic difference due to the chitosan in our little ball of goodness.

What are the other uses of Chitosan?

Surgeons have also been known to apply it to areas from which they have taken skin tissue to be used in other parts of the body. Like silver, chitosan has cell-regeneration properties which reduces scarring while helping the missing tissue to rebuild itself.  Wow!

Where do we source our Chitosan?

As with anything, the quality of the source ingredients counts.  We scour the world for the highest quality ingredients in our products. As such, we source our chitosan from Japan where we create a proprietary compound along with sericin and marine collagen…. more on that in our next post.


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