3 skincare enthusiasts; 3 types of skin — with Carolina Teón

3 skincare enthusiasts; 3 types of skin — with Carolina Teón

Belle Nu Skin is a skincare blog founded by Idalia, Pamela and Carolina, 3 skin care enthusiasts. Together these 3 girls, of diverse ages, skin types and careers, teamed up to create content focusing on products, treatments, and lifestyle choices that contribute to better skin every day.

Here is Carolina’s story on how COR Silver has improved her ability to treat acne scars and uneven tone pigmentation.

Loving your skin — no matter what issues you deal with

Carolina Teón: My name is Carolina Teón, I’m a twenty-two year old college student and Co-Founder of Belle Nu Skin living in sunny Los Angeles. I’m a pretty active young woman and I strongly believe in the importance of self-care. My skin type is a combination that changes throughout the year. During the winter my skin seems dehydrated and dry and, on the other hand, my skin tends to become oily during the summer.

Over the course of transitioning into adulthood and leaving my teens behind, the biggest challenge for me has been dealing with acne scars. Due to the fact that I have a history of battling acne during my teens, towards the end of that journey I was left with scars that didn’t seem to heal. So up until this day this is an issue that still concerns me.

How long have you used COR Silver products?

Carolina Teón: I am fascinated by skincare and I am constantly trying new products, and I can confidently say that one of the products that has always been unfailing is COR Silver.  In particular, I have used the COR Silver Soap for over 3 years now and it has become my MUST-HAVE product due to its efficiency in helping treat my acne scars and evening out my skin tone.

How do you incorporate COR Silver into your everyday routine?

Carolina Teón: I use the COR Silver Soap every night to cleanse my skin and I let the foam penetrate into my pores and skin for about 30 seconds. After that I cleanse my whole face with my clarisonic to help take off all the bacteria or excess dirt that may be left. Also, every time I head on a trip to the gym or even a weekend vacation, I ALWAYS make sure to pack my small COR Silver Soap. This is a great product that includes effective ingredients and is safe to use on a daily basis.


What is the biggest change you have seen in your skin from using COR Silver?

Carolina Teón: The greatest change that I have seen from the use of the COR Silver Soap has been the brighter pigmentation it has brought to my skin. After the use of COR throughout the years, I have seen that it has removed the dullness and uneven tone that was caused by my acne scars. This truly has been one of the most impactful products I have ever used and I think it is the perfect product to start preparing my skin to prevent future wrinkles.


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