Cor for weddings and special occasions


Of course you always want clear, healthy skin – but there are those special days and special events where you need to look your absolute best!

Cor to the rescue. Our Silver Soaps and serums combine mild, effective natural ingredients with a patented silver-silica compound to deliver maximum benefits to the delicate skin of your face. A simple regimen – just a few minutes in the morning and in the evening – cleans, moisturizes and nourishes your skin to a healthy glow.

Cor for weddings – bride, groom and wedding party

Look your absolute best for that amazing day! Start a few weeks ahead with a simple routine – a few minutes per day gets you camera-ready!

Cor for teens

The teenage years can be tough on skin. Fight back! See what teens and parents have to say about Cor and complexion.

Cor for Prom!

What a great evening full of friends and memories! You shouldn't be worrying about your skin - we'll help you make it great.