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Healthy skin tip #9: Clean your cell phone (and your glasses)

Remember our "obvious-but-surprising" tip about using a clean pillowcase?

Same thought applies to other things that touch your face. Your phone being probably the #1 overlooked contender.

How many times each day do you use your phone? Well, a dirty phone leaves behind dirt (and oil, and germs) on your skin. So clean your phone, and you'll have a positive effect on your skin as well!

Use distilled water for the screen and camera; use rubbing alcohol for hard plastic – such as the body of the phone and possibly the case. Here's a simple how-to on cleaning your phone.

Take a moment and think about what else touches your face. Your glasses or sunglasses might be an obvious answer. So clean them occasionally. Work phone? Clean it.

Posted by Jennifer McKinley on May 10, 2014 - 0 comments

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