What is exfoliation? And how do I exfoliate my facial skin?

What is exfoliation? And how do I exfoliate my facial skin?

Exfoliation means removing dead skin cells from the surface. This reveals the younger, healthier cells underneath.

Here's how your skin works. Your body makes new skin cells at its lower level, which is called the dermis. The new gradually push upwards toward the upper level, the epidermis. The older cells on the surface gradually die. Eventually they fall (or 'slough', pronounced like 'sluff') off, making way for the newer, fresher skin cells underneath.

Exfoliation is a way to speed up that natural process. Done correctly, it leaves you with healthier and happier looking skin, and makes moisturizing more effective.

Three vital exfoliation tips:

Don't overdo it. Your epidermis (that outer skin layer) is important. It loves and protects you, and protects younger skin cells until they are ready for the outside world. Heavy and frequent exfoliation is not just unnecessary, but in fact harmful!

Be gentle. Harsh chemicals and heavy scrubbing are too much for your face's delicate skin. Especially as we age, our skin becomes more vulnerable. It takes longer to make new cells. The rest of your body may be fine with a twice-weekly exfoliating scrub, but your face wants less frequent and more gentle treatment.

Our preferred method: a gentle cleanser, plus your fingertips. A soft brush is okay, but your fingers are actually perfect for the job. Here's how we exfoliate:

Try this simple exfoliation method!

Wash your face with COR Silver Soap, as directed – a little warm water, a little lather, gentle circular motions with your fingertips. And once a week, add one small exfoliating step to your morning washing routine: After rinsing off the soap with a warm water splash, while your skin is still wet

- firmly but gently place your whole index finger against your cheek on each side

- slide the fingers back along your cheekbone toward your ears

This gentle motion is almost (we hesitate to say it) like a windshield wiper gliding over the windshield, in one slow, smooth motion.

Your fingers are, of course, a gentler and more effective tool for exfoliating your sensitive skin. It works beautifully – we know – this is the only exfoliation technique we use ourselves.

No plastic beads, crystals, chemical scrubs, loofahs or pads needed!


Our Travel Size cleansing bar makes exfoliation simple and portable. Give it a try!

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